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2014 Georgia football recruit player profiles: DB Shattle Fenteng

Wednesday is college football's National Signing Day, a huge event for fans in Bulldog Nation. In our efforts to profile every player in this coming class we now bring you a look at DB Shattle Fenteng

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Less than 48 hours to go until signing day, and as we continue profiling every player in Georgia's 2014 football signing class, we get to this year's lone JUCO recruit. DB Shattle Fenteng was originally out of Grayson High School in Gwinnett County, but comes to Athens after spending the last two seasons at Hutchinson (Kansas) Community College, the same school that just gave Georgia DL Toby Johnson a year ago. So what does Georgia get with the 6'2, 200 pound corner prospect? See for yourself...

The frame makes you think Fenteng could provide depth at S this coming fall, but his game looks all CB. A bigger corner, think more Sanders Commings, Fenteng could compete with Damien Swann for a role opposite Shaq Wiggins, who seems to have emerged late last season to take over one of the two starting CB spots for this coming fall.

When you watch Fenteng, you immediately see a couple things. One is some pretty good hands. Yeah, the opposing QBs wrap a couple gifts for him, but Fenteng does well to find the ball in the air, and make a play on it. You also see some rather loose hips, which is what DB coaches love. He turns with ease, and has good acceleration so sticking to opposing WRs in man coverage shouldn't be difficult for him. He has great size, but unlike most DBs his size he moves fluidly and can stay with opposing WRs as they go in and out of their cuts.

He also has a couple of good hits in the film, so we can expect a willing run supporter on the edge. But what we rarely see is Fenteng getting his hands on WRs. He doesn't redirect them often on routes, doesn't engage and then shed blocks against the run, and WRs in the SEC have a tendency to get a little more handsy around the ball to get separation from defenders. There are technique improvements in that regard that remain to be made.

Fenteng also won't be enrolling until later this spring/summer, which won't help him get acclimated quickly. He'll have 3 years to play 2 if need be, so he can take a redshirt but you rarely if ever want to go that route when signing JUCOs. Physically, he has the tools though. Great size, hips, and speed, and that means he could quickly become a very important piece at CB. The size makes you wonder if he could help at FS, but we have no film to know what kind of defensive CF he can play, and FS is a very different task with completely different responsibilities than CB. But he's played at a very high level already in Kansas JUCOs, and the combine tools are all what you'd look for. Plus, as the article states, Pruitt has plans for the young man already, so he should have a clear role on arrival. We had high hopes for JUCOs Kennar Johnson and Shaq Fluker last year, so expectations are tempered a touch, but the former Grayson product will provide instant competition for Swann, Langley, and others wanting to get snaps as bigger CBs.