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Josh Harvey-Clemons dismissed from Georgia football

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
I wish I could say this was a shock, but as you can see from what I said after his last mishap, it's not. Today, Georgia announced that Josh Harvey-Clemons did have another mistake made, and is now dismissed from the program. The easy assumption will be another marijuana mistake, since he's had two already that were known and University policy means a 3rd would end just like we're seeing now.

Clemons was a huge recruit and proved to be a very talented defender in spite of that glaring gaffe of a play on the Plains. The 6'5 safety was an integral part of Todd Grantham's defense, and his versatility was expected to be something new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt could put to good use also.

Alas, that won't happen though. While I already speculated a reason above, the old "violation of team rules" could be any of a number of different things, some more nefarious than others. JHC was already slated to miss the first 3 games of next season, so the impact of his departure will be minimized accordingly, but losing a player this talented is still a big loss. He has not redshirted, so a move to any of a number of major conference schools (but not the SEC, because of rules on intraconference transfers and he's too old to JUCO) is possible. We wish JHC the best of luck provided his next team doesn't play the Dawgs, and hope he can get his potentially highly productive football career back on track.