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Dawg Sports Wants To Know: Your Favorite Moment Of The 2014 Season.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Sure, there's some disappointment among Bulldog fans about where this season has ended. We were all hoping to be cheering on the 'Dawgs in the first edition of the playoff. But we are where we are. We got here by enduring a roller coaster ride that at one point saw Todd Gurley as the favorite for the Heisman and the Red and Black atop many observers' early "best four" lists. Sure, there ended up being some pretty down moments, but that's not why we're here this morning. Instead, Dawg Sports has a question: what has been your favorite moment of the 2014 season?

Was it watching Todd Gurley race down the field on that kickoff return against Clemson like he was strapped to a rocket? Nick Chubb running over Clemson defenders sans helmet, then sans shoe? The moment the clock hit zero on the road against Missouri? The split second in the waning minutes of the Auburn game when you could clearly read on Malzahn's face "we're gonna need to buy a better defense."?

To be clear, we're looking for a play, a series of plays, or another short interval of time. "The Clemson game" for example doesn't qualify. You gotta be specific, and argue your point. The best moment/supporting argument will win a prize from the Dawg Sports treasure locker, located in a limestone cave south of Montezuma, just in time for the holidays. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!