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PAC12 Title Game Open Thread: Chaos Versus Puddles.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

If the college football playoff train is going to come royally off the rails, the wreck could start in one hour on ABC. That's when Arizona faces #2 Oregon for the PAC 12 title. As you may recall, Oregon has only one loss this season, and it was to . . .Arizona*. The Ducks were knocked out of title contention last season when they lost to . . .Arizona. There's a bit of a pattern here.

That being said, there's nothing more difficult in sports than beating a team twice in the same season. And Marcus Mariota has now emerged as a near lock for the Heisman Trophy as he's just gotten more brutally efficient as the season has progressed.

Of course, even if he loses Rich Rodriguez has already won. Three years into his rebuilding of the Wildcat football program the guy who fired him at Michigan is out of a job, the guy who replaced him at Michigan is out of a job, and Rodriguez doesn't have to spend the winter in Ann Arbor. What I'm saying is that the universe has a way of unfolding just about as it should.

Now let's see how things unfold from Santa Clara. I'm rooting for chaos. And Puddles I guess. You can't not root for Puddles, either.

*The Wildcats won on a scoop and score by Arizona's Scooby Wright. Odds that I won't pull for a guy named "Scooby"? Functionally zero.