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Thursday Morning 'Dawg Bites: We Have A Coach & Quarterback And You Don't Edition.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This is about the point in the week when your football fever overtakes your ability to do other productive labor. At least assuming there is a Georgia Bulldog football game this weekend which, dadgum it, there is not. But it could be worse. We could be held hostage by Jimmy Sexton or a college which doesn't have an athletic director. That's right, it's coaching silly season, when hiring Ellis Johnson as your head coach sounds like a great idea and the words "agreement" and "contract" and "understanding" lose all meaning. Here's what's going on in the free market this morning:

Jim McElwain, Florida Gators 'on hold' due to Colorado State Rams buyout - ESPN
CSU is not budging on McElwain's $7.5 million buyout, and Florida refuses to pay the entire amount according to ESPN. Good for the Rams. First because they took a chance investing in McElwain, who had zero head coaching experience when he came to Ft. Collins and they deserve to realize the return on that investment that they bargained for. That's what buyouts do. But also for putting the screws to Jeremy Foley. This deal will get done I think, largely because Foley needs a coach, everyone knows McElwain is his best option, and Gator boosters and officials won't want this search to turn into a fiasco from the word go.

Oddsmaker likes Jim Harbaugh to be next Michigan coach

Oddsmakers have installed a pair of Michigan men as the favorites to be the next top Wolverine, with Jim Harbaugh the favorite followed closely by Les Miles. I don't know that I see Miles leaving LSU at this point. But given the season Harbaugh's had I could easily imagine him deciding that coddling the egos of an NFL locker room is for the birds and returning to Ann Arbor with a hero's welcome. Going to the NFL is to football coaches what moving to L.A. was to all the drama majors you went to college with. It sounds like a great idea until you actually do it.

First-and-10: Imagine Braxton Miller at Oregon, UCLA or Texas next year | NCAA Football | Sporting News

Somehow Braxton Miller has gone from a potential Heisman candidate to a likely transfer. One intriguing candidate here? Arkansas. It's easy to forget with all the tailbacks, but Bret Bielema also had some solid passing/sneaky rushing QBs at Wisconsin. Miller would be a great addition to a team that looks to be the Mississippi State of the SEC West in 2015.

UGA Agent Will Muschamp Ready for Deployment to Next Assignment: Auburn
Agent Will Muschamp will reportedly look to continue his undercover duties for Georgia as a member of the staff at Auburn. Given how his defenses performed against Georgia when last he plied his trade on the Plains, I'm cool with that.

Way to go, college athletics. | Get The Picture
If you give a Congressman a cookie, he'll drag you into a hearing and shriek erroneous statistics about what a crummy baker you are. Also, I'm not surprised it's the SEC proposing action on concussions. I'm actually a little surprised they weren't ahead of the game and doing this last December.

That should get you started on your day. If you see Jeremy Foley ask him how it's going. He'll appreciate your concern. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!