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The Mark Richt Victory Watch: Episode 136 Modern Southern Style Edition

That's Mr. Chubb To You
That's Mr. Chubb To You
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

One might say the Classic City Canines got together and collectively told their former DC Todd Grantham just exactly what they think of Third & Grantham in the "Modern Southern Style" Belk Bowl.  I believe the message was "Suck It!"  Alternately one might say, the Dawgs showed the Cardinals just exactly what the proverbial Wood Shed looks like, up close & personal like.

Whatever your preference is, The University of Georgia Bulldogs beat the University of Louisville Cardinals tonight.  The Dawgs won the game in First Downs, Total Yards, Third Down Efficiency, Averages Yards Per Play, Net Yards Rushing, Interceptions, Penalties and in Points Scored with a final score of 37-14.  Additionally, suiting up for the Red & Black tonight and running for a career-high 266 yards and two touchdowns, putting him behind only Mr. Walker in school history was Mr. Nick Chubb.*

It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to once again bring to you, the Mark Richt Victory Watch.

Mark Richt has now secured his 136th career win, in only 184 total games as the head man in charge in the Classic City. Coach Richt currently boasts a 136-48 record and a .7391 winning percentage.  At the identical juncture in their careers, Coach Wally Butts was 114-62-8 (.6196) following a loss to Little Brother in 1955 and Vince Dooley and the 1980 National Championship Bulldogs featuring Herschel Walker had just won their fourth game of the season against TCU Between The Hedges bringing Coach Dooley to an all-time record of 122-56-6 (.663).

As noted in the comment thread by Anthony Pace, Tonight's win marked the 9th Bowl Victory in the Mark Richt Era, breaking the tie with Vince Dooley and giving Coach Richt the school Record.

Mark Richt remains statistically head and shoulders above his historical coevals at the same point in their respective careers and the one man for whom I would leave Mr. Podunkdawg, should I be presented with such an opportunity.

It's going to be a long time before I get to write this particular post for you again.  May your new year be bright, May the UGA AA locate, lure and hire the finest Offensive Coordinator in Football today, and may all your dreams for 2015 come true.

Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs !!!

*Dear Lord, Please Keep Mr. Chubb healthy for many, many years to come.  Thank you.  Amen!