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First Half Open Comment Thread.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After an overly eventful couple of weeks off the field it's finally time for the Georgia Bulldogs to return to action on the field. Bowl games are rarely about who the "better" team is. Instead, bowl games are most often won by the team that most wants to win and/or is least distracted by off field issues.

Georgia is a loser on the second count. This team has every reason to be distracted and discombobulated by a shakeup in the coaching ranks on offense. But by the same token, they have every reason to close ranks and show the world that they have each others' backs. To just go play football.

An overlooked advantage that the Georgia offense will be sporting for this one is the uselessness of much of Louisville's research into playcalling tendencies. Sure, John Lilly probably isn't going to go totally off the reservation, running out of the wishbone or going five wides all night long. And he'll probably be working off of a gameplan not unlike the one Mike Bobo had been putting together before leaving for Colorado State. But by the same token he doesn't have a track record. You can't say what percentage of the time he calls x play on y down and z distance. That could be important.

But enough talking. Let's lace them up for one last time this season. Until later…

Go 'Dawgs!!!