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Tuesday Morning 'Dawg Bites: Bobo's Gone.

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The train rolls on as Bulldog fans learn that Mike Bobo may have in fact been a pretty darn good football coach in Athens, for a pretty long time. This morning's links are Bobo-centric, as one would expect, with one major detour which we'll take on first.

Georgia Football: Grading Jeremy Pruitt's First Year as Defensive Coordinator
Dawn of the Dawg takes a look at Coach Pruitt's efforts in 2014, just in time for you to be reminded how good things were looking before you hear rumors that Texas A&M is eyeing him for their vacant defensive coordinator job. Rumors that Pruitt is being offered something like $1.8 million per year to move to College Station broke out on UGA subscription sites and social media late last night. Along with handy reminders that you can subscribe for a low monthly payment.

First, that number would be very high, but not wholly unbelievable. Which is, as any sports agent will tell you, the point where you start negotiations. Second, if Jeremy Pruitt voluntarily moves to his fourth school in four years I'll personally wonder if he has a screw loose somewhere. Finally, if Pruitt does make a lateral move to a fellow SEC school Greg McGarity better hope the Athens Wal-Marts are all out of torches and pitchforks. Bottom line, this sounds like a trial balloon aimed at getting Pruitt's compensation more in line with that of Will Muschamp, John Chavis, and Kirby Smart, all of whom are making north of $1.1 million, and averaging close to $1.4 million (before Smart gets a raise this January).

What next for Georgia at offensive coordinator? | Georgia Bulldogs blog | Columbus Ledger Enquirer
It took Mark Richt less than 48 hours to replace Todd Grantham. It almost certainly will take longer to replace Mike Bobo. Seth Emerson talks about some of the same names we threw around last night, and explains why this won't be a 48 hour coaching search.

Storify: Players and media react to Mike Bobo reports - The Red and Black : Sports

A sampling of reaction to the Bobo news from current and former players. You'll note that the relieved tweets we saw last year when Todd Grantham took off for Louisville . Mike Bobo bled red and black and everyone who dealt with him knew it. He's leaving solely to provide a better opportunity for himself and his family. Even if you didn't agree with his calls, not wishing him good luck in this endeavor is unthinkable for Bulldog fans.

Get used to it. | Get The Picture

The Senator talks about all the ramifications of Mike Bobo leaving, which frankly aren't world-ending just yet. Assuming Georgia makes a strong OC hire, and Jacob Eason stays in the fold, the recruiting consequences are minimal. Mark Richt can certainly call plays in the Belk Bowl. I also concur with the Senator that the odds of the timing lining up for Mike Bobo to return to Athens as head coach are slim. Just too many variables to even worry about. Right now let's go out and find someone who makes the precisely correct call in every situation for seven years running. Shouldn't be too hard.