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Another One Bites The Dust: Brendan Langley To Transfer.

Georgia announced Monday night that sophomore defensive back/wide receiver Brendan Langley will transfer to another school in hopes of seeing increased playing time. Langley came to Athens as the more heralded of a pair of Kelly High School stars with teammate Quincy Mauger. While Mauger started sparingly as a freshman before moving into a more prominent role at safety as a sophomore, Langley did the opposite, playing in nine games and starting four as a freshman. He then however bounced back and forth between wide receiver and defensive back as a sophomore, playing in only three games during the 2014 season before ultimately being demoted to the scout team.

I've essentially lost count of how many defensive backs have left Athens in the past year due to injury, arrest, and lack of playing time. I think Langley is number 8, but honestly at this point it's like counting omelette stations on the Titanic. The point is that a combination of rotten luck, questionable recruiting decisions, and lagging player development have combined to create a thin UGA secondary which will be about as green next season as it was this year. On the bright side, the emergence of guys like freshmen Dominick Sanders, Aaron Davis, and Malkom Parrish which led to Langley's demotion also means that the pieces are there for a solid group going forward. If we can just keep them in town, out of the hospital, and out of jail. This also helps explain why it seems that Jeremy Pruitt is signing every high school defensive back south of Paducah. Hopefully some of the 7 DB commits so far for the class of 2015 will still be around in 2017. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!