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Long Process Leads To Most 'Bama Family Christmas Photo Ever.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Courtesy of twitter user @TylerBusby, this is the most Bama thing to ever Bama its way out of Alabama. Behold:

Bama Christmas

Is that a big photo? You bet Sean Alexander's butt it is. Go big or go home, Aubie. If you want to appreciate all the houndstooth glory here you gotta look closely.

So much to unpack in this Alabama family photo (or "Alabamily photo", if you will).There's the question of whether the Bear or Saban should be over the family's right shoulder. I seem to recall that one of these is a position of greater honor in Alabama culture, but I'm not sure which it is. Also in Alabama culture, you're not supposed to bring up the subjects of barbecue sauce or public education funding until your host does. Anything else is a huge breach of protocol.

Second there's the jersey choices. Kind of disappointed in the lack of lineman numbers. Saban says line play wins championships, and this is an important lesson to pass on to your children, people. So save up and get little Billy a Kouandjio jersey for Christmas. Forty years from now it will probably be the greatest gift you give him.

Speaking of things you pass on to your kids, let's a take a moment to talk hairlines. The young man facing you on the far left is already working on some impressive Bama bangs. One day that mane is going to be swept sideways and be the envy of the KA house. Just you watch. Enjoy it while you can, kid. Trust me (and your dad) on this one, your hairstyle options narrow considerably as you approach 40.

And then there's the dog. Oh, the dog. I am unsurprised that you can get an eyepatch with a script Alabama "A" on it. I bet you can pick that item up at any number of Circle Ks in the Tuscaloosa metro area. I should be surprised to see a Great Dane wearing one, but I'm really not. I'm a little surprised that these folks didn't go the yellow/black/chocolate lab route. Alabama fans are big on hunting dogs that obviously haven't ever been near a bird field or duck blind. Lane Kiffin would salute both your humane support of man's best friend and your breaking of offensive tendencies.

So here's to you, Alabamily. You know the reason for the season, and his record in home night games against LSU. Until later. . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!