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Darn Good Gifts For The Darn Good 'Dawg.

The Dawg Sports editorial staff takes a swing at helping you with your holiday shopping.

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Some people get their holiday shopping out of the way before Halloween. If you're one of those people this article may not be for you. If, however, you are one of those people who finds yourself casting about for one (or ten) more gifts come mid-December, and you are shopping for that special Georgia Bulldog fan in your life, then you've come to the right place.

We here at Dawg Sports have compiled a list of gift ideas for that special Bulldog in your life, everything from books and DVDs to help them relive the greatest moments in Bulldog history, to products designed to enhance your tailgating experience.


Southern Soul BBQ's St. Simon's Soul Dust.

Established in 2006 (then re-established in 2010 following a fire), Southern Soul BBQ on St. Simon's Island has quickly become a favorite 'que stop for those in the Golden Isles. I know from experience that if you go hang out by the big pit right out in front of the converted gas station/restaurant on Demere that they'll gladly talk barbecue with you. But if you want to smoke up pork, ribs, and chicken the way they do, it helps to have Southern Soul's St. Simon's Soul Dust dry rub. It's good on anything and everything, up to and including cole slaw, collard greens, and ice cream.

Vintage Georgia football program wall calendar by Asgard Press.

There was a time when no one would think of attending a college football game without picking up a program. In the early days of college football programs were not only a compilation of rosters, they were also works of art, especially the covers. That golden age of college football is captured by Asgard Press in its 2015 vintage program desk calendar, featuring faithful reproductions of classic program covers from bygone Bulldog days. Each monthly image is a work of art, which is why each one is perforated so that once you tear it off it can be framed as a poster for instant office/fancave decorating.

A New Turn In The South: Southern Flavors Reinvented For Your Kitchen.

Calling this effort from Athens chef, television celebrity, and perennial Beard Foundation nominee Hugh Acheson a cookbook is like calling R.E.M. "a rock band." Acheson is a Canadian who came South and has embraced all of Athens's quirky, inside out Southern charm with the zeal only the newly converted can muster. His recipes are accessible for those with reasonable kitchen skills, and the photography alone is worth the price of admission.

Fighting Like Cats And Dogs by T. Kyle King

In much the way David Allan Coe's friend Steve Goodman wrote the definitive country and western song, our Dawg Sports friend and colleague T. Kyle King has written the definitive tome on the rivalry between the Georgia Bulldogs and Clemson Tigers. Kyle's work is impeccably researched, crisply written, and a must-add to the bookshelf of an serious student of Georgia football's long history.


1980 Dawgs:  The Inside Story of the National Championship Season

A couple of years ago, Lenny Daniel and Mike Moss - a couple of Damn Good Dawgs in their own right - set out to produce and document the story of the 1980 National Championship Georgia Football team.  At the time of its release, I wrote a little review on their final product.  If anything, I under estimated how good this really is.  It is a tremendous effort and I have found myself popping in the disc several times during the last few off-seasons since the release to relive that magical season which I was blessed to witness during my freshman year at Georgia when I just need to feel good or get some inspiration.  At a shade under $40 bucks, it's a bargain and would make an excellent Christmas present for that special Dawg in your life.  I can't wait until they produce another documentary on our next National Championship...

A Crock Pot

Seriously.  If you love someone and want to give them an awesome gift, buy 'em a Crock Pot.  Back during World War II, General George S. Patton once called the M1 Garand rifle "the greatest single battle implement ever devised by man."  Well, I have my own take on another weapon in the war for your kitchen.  And sometimes it takes a helluva campaign to come up with something for dinner:

"The Crock Pot is the single greatest kitchen implement ever devised by man." - DtD

You can spend as little as $30 bucks for a small 3 or 4 quart version or up to $300 dollars for those really fancy ones with timers, buzzers bells, whiz-bangs and confetti.  I've got the old standard Rival 5-quart - a Christmas gift from many years ago - and it's tougher than a '82 Ford Squire station wagon.  It works every time.  Nothing beats a Crock Pot except the food that it produces.  You need a recipe?  Shoot me an email.

Bulleit Bourbon

Trust me on this one.  It's a mighty fine thing and won't break the bank at about $35 (give or take) at your better package stores for a 1 liter bottle.  I like mine on the rocks, and the rocks won't jump out of the glass like it will with some of those mass produced brands.


I'm Just Here For The Food, by Alton Brown

What better way to celebrate Christmas then by telling a loved one their cooking is so terrible that you got them a cookbook as a Christmas present? On the bright side, however, it is a cookbook written by arguably the most famous chef ever to graduate from the University of Georgia, so that should help alleviate some of the embarrassment. (It really is a great primer on cooking.)

The LEGO Movie

If you have self-deluded, mindless Mark-Richt-worshipping Disney Dawgs like myself in your family, sometimes they just have to be reminded that EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. Especially after Saturdays like we had this year against Florida and Tech. (/twitch)  This movie will help calm the nerves, soothe the soul, and bring the mind of the Disney Dawg back into the blissful ignorance in which it prefers to reside. (The movie was actually distributed by Warner Brothers, not Disney, but don't let that stop you! Disney Dawgs won't care! Everything is still awesome!)


Tickets to the Belk Bowl

Aha!  What better present for the Georgia Bulldogs fan in your family than tickets to go see the Dawgs play their final game of the 2014 season? Lots of great tickets now available!  Buy now! (Please buy tickets, somebody.)

Mr. Sanchez

A mouth-drawn painting from Michael Davenport

Davenport is now an Athens staple. Having lost his hands, he makes amazing art of Uga, the Arch, and other Dawg-beloved items.  I believe he sets up on the Atlanta Highway near Academy Sports and can be found there, though if he has moved I'd love a correction in the comments.  He can't be too hard to find as it seems every Dawg fan has added one or multiple pieces of his work to their office or home walls over the last couple years.


Georgia Bulldogs Infinity Scarf

I have spent the last 11 years trying to figure out what to get for my wife any time a birthday or holiday rolls around.  She is a notoriously difficult person to shop for.  Every year she politely thanks me and wears or uses whatever it is, but I can always tell she's just being nice.  Now, I don't know anything about fashion, but this stupid scarf thing must have done the trick because she actually got excited for once (or she's been taking acting lessons).  It only took me a decade plus, but I seem to have randomly stumbled onto the perfect gift.

Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy's Gentlemans Beard-Gloss Shampoo

As someone who loves his beard almost as much as he loves the Dawgs, I'm always trying out new facial hair care and grooming items.  This is, without question, the best item I've tried and has earned a permanent place in my beard maintenance cabinet.  It smells great, builds up an amazing lather, makes your beard pillowy soft, and lasts a long time.  If there is a bearded gentleman in your life, this is the best Christmas gift money can buy.  So what if your team sucks? You can refuse to shave until they win a national championship... and look good doing it!

A 51 oz Jumbo Snifter and a 1.75L Magnum Bottle of Jagermeister

I don't think this one really needs much explanation.  Its gonna be a long off-season.

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. Bulldog-related is good, but any awesome gift ideas are much appreciated. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!