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Monday Morning Dawg Bites.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Even after an utterly deflating loss to a bitter rival life goes on.  That includes you having to get back to work this morning following what for many of you was a long, long holiday weekend. But first, here's a taste of what's making news this morning in bulldog nation:

Column: Mark Richt not the only one at fault for Georgia Tech loss - The Red and Black : Sports
The Red & Black makes the case that Saturday's loss was not 100% on Coach Richt. That's a fair point, and we can always use a voice of reason. However, the truth of the matter remains that the pooch kick at the end of regulation was a horrendous decision, especially with Georgia Tech meeting only a field goal to tie it and Marshall Morgan capable of putting it out of the end zone and making them go 75 yards in 18 seconds.

Richt on Georgia's future: 'I know we are on the right track' | Georgia Bulldogs blog | Columbus Ledger Enquirer
Mark Richt is actually 100% correct. Georgia is not that far from being a national title team, including in 2015. Brice Ramsey has looked serviceable at worst and showed great potential at best during mop up duty this season. The backfield will once again be loaded, and if Kolton Houston receives the NCAA waiver he has applied for it will be running behind four of the five offensive linemen who cleared the way so ably this season. There will be holes to fill on defense for sure, especially in the front four and at linebacker. However, I find it hard to believe that the  defense will be worse in its second year under Jeremy Pruitt that it was in its first, if for no other reason because it's system intelligence will be better.

The problem is, stop me if you've heard this one, Georgia has been "right there" for the past 10 years. Coach is going to be met with eye rolls from jaded Bulldog fans until he actually wins another SEC title and ultimately a national crown.  In the absence of that, this just sounds like another promise waiting to go unkept.

I’m officially changing my position on the matter | View from Milledge

See the above. Bulldog fans have heard all this before, and are wondering how long one check can bump along in the mail.

Hugh Freeze weighing competing offers from Florida, Ole Miss -
Sources tell SB Nation the Ole Miss head coach is mulling an offer to become Florida's head coach, as well as a counter offer from his current job. My suspicion is that this is merely Jimmy Sexton doing Jimmy Sexton things for his client . Freeze is a Mississippi native for whom the Ole Miss  job really is the dream. However, rumors that Florida may be courting him will be helpful to an Ole Miss administration which needs to get a Freeze a contract extension and can silence all doubters by citing the need to keep him from going to Gainesville.

Todd Gurley rehab off to a good start - The Red and Black : Sports
Yet more evidence that life does indeed go on. I'm glad to hear that Todd Gurley is already on his way back from that devastating injury. No doubt the torn ACL is going to do a number on Gurley's draft status. However, it once again shows why the student assistant fund and those big insurance policies which universities my now purchase on behalf of stated athletes are in place.  In this instance, the fund will probably end up doing what it was designed to.

That's it for now. Enjoy your Monday. And…

Go Dawgs!