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Sunday Morning 'Dawg Bites.

Andy Lyons

It's never a bad thing to witness a Georgia Bulldog conference football victory. While the Red and Black have their biggest test of the season coming up in six short days, let's take a quick look back at the day that was in Lexington.

Mark Story: Kentucky's 'embarrassing' defensive performance historically bad | Football |
The Bulldog offense did literally whatever it wanted whenever it wanted. Hutson Mason, Brice Ramsey, didn't matter. Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, didn't matter. The 'Dawgs never punted, converting for touchdowns on 9 of their 11 offensive possessions, and kneeling to run out the clock on the other two. They were also 8 of 8 on third down, never even facing a fourth down. That's bizarrely effective. I'd like to say that the Georgia offense just executed that well, and in reality they did execute as well as they have all season. But some credit has to go to a Kentucky defensive front that allowed a healthy 7.8 yards per rushing attempt. Second and four or less makes fourth down a distant annoyance.

Gurley's return presents Georgia a nice problem | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |
Nick Chubb is leading the team with 895 yards, Sony Michel contributed 84 yards on Saturday, and this Saturday against Auburn may be the first time all season that Georgia really hasn't had enough carries to go around. It's interesting to remember that 6 weeks ago Bulldog fans were dreading Todd Gurley turning pro at the end of this season. Now, while they'd certainly like to have him back, it's safe to say that the Red and Black won't be destitute in the backfield. For my part I'm actually significantly more worried about the loss of Michael Bennett and Chris Conley from the receiving corps in terms of pure replaceability.

Carter shines in first career start | DogBytes Online
Freshman Lorenzo Carter started in place of Leonard Floyd and didn't disappoint, tallying nine tackles, including two and a half sacks. While it wasn't clear during the game why Floyd wasn't playing Coach Richt said after the game he had a nagging shoulder injury, but should be back for Auburn. That's good news for the Red and Black. Also good news? Carter has advanced to the point that coaches believe he can handle Floyd's role if necessary, and he'll only get better at it by 2015.

'The Human Joystick' takes a kick and punt return to the house - The Red and Black : Sports
That late scholarship offer to Isaiah McKenzie last February just keeps looking smarter and smarter. McKenzie's two touchdowns on special teams Saturday both helped the 'Dawgs grab control from the beginning and helped put Kentucky away once the Wildcats showed some signs of life. He's likely to only get better as a returner with more experience, too. Here's to years of field position flipping for the good guys to come.

Speaking of looking toward the future:

And in weird-as-all-get-out, non-Bulldog news . . .

Florida DT leaves Vanderbilt on bus to Gainesville after realizing he wasn't starting -

After realizing he wasn't in the lineup, senior Florida DT Leon Orr got out of town instead of sticking around to play as a backup. I'm sure there's more to this story than meets the eye. Maybe Orr was told he'd be starting only to find out he wasn't. Maybe there are some team politics involved. Either way, a guy with legitimate designs on an NFL career just took a 12 hour Greyhound bus ride across three states rather than come off the bench in an SEC football game. Spoiler: he probably wasn't the weirdest guy on the bus. The weirdest guy on any given Greyhound bus may look like a Florida Gator, but probably isn't.