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Afternoon/Evening Open Thread.

As shadows begin to fall across the college football landscape we gather to cheer and delight in the struggles of others.

Andy Lyons

There are few things better than kicking back and watching some college football after having watched the Georgia Bulldogs salt away an SEC victory.

This afternoon has a ton of solid football beginning at 3:30. #10 Notre Dame takes on #9 Arizona State on ABC in a contest that could go a long way toward deciding which one loss teams are in the playoff hunt at the end.

In the SEC Texas A&M travels to Auburn (CBS) trying to end a skid in conference play. I wouldn't mind seeing Auburn lose (what else is new), but I also wouldn't mind seeing a one loss Auburn team come to Athens next week for a huge recruiting weekend and give the 'Dawgs a shot to end their playoff hopes.

If competitive football isn't your thing, at 4:00 on SEC Network you can watch #1 Mississippi State commit heinous acts against UT-Martin. Or you can tune into ESPN2 at 3:30 to catch Michigan at Northwestern in a game that's B1G, but not really that big. You can also catch West Virginia at Texas on Fox Sports1, though I have no idea why you'd want to unless you want to see if the Longhorns have enough guys to finish the game.

We'll keep an eye on things and see if a new thread is warranted for this evening's big slate of games. I suspect a new thread for those will be up around 6:30. Until then feel free to hang out here and talk college football in general, or head over to the post game thread and talk Georgia football specifically.

Go 'Dawgs!!!