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Second Half Open Comment Thread.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, no one's doing quite as good a job of stopping the Georgia Bulldogs right now as the Georgia Bulldogs. A couple of next-level stupid penalties on defense and some of the most ham-fisted special teams play we've seen in a while (with the exception of the first play of the game) have kept this one significantly closer than it really should be. A few thoughts and notes before the second half kicks off:

  • I've never seen anyone have as bad a half of football playing on the second line of the kickoff return team as Quayvon Hicks has today. Holy crap, son. If it goes over your head let the fast guy behind you catch it. It's not rocket science.
  • Lorenzo Carter clearly has a ton of potential but he did let his emotions get the better of him during that second quarter. Still, it's nice to imagine what he'll be able to do next season with a little more experience under his belt and another year of physical maturation.
  • Hutson Mason has thrown the ball really, really well and it shows in his numbers. 10 of 12 for 141 yards, 3TDs and 0 INTs would look like Aaron Murray's numbers, except I'm not 100% sure Aaron would be pick-free at this point.
  • At some point here we're going to see some Wild Dawg against the Wildcats. Prepare to exult or moan according to your own belief system.
  • Patrick Towles really does move well for a guy his size. And Bulldog defenders were really frustrated by the fact that he also has a pretty good sense for when to get down. There's nothing more infuriating for the big boys than chasing around a mobile QB you never get to hit.
  • Stanley Williams was actually committed to Georgia for quite a while for the class of 2014. He really does fit better in Neal Brown's offense than in Georgia's pro style attack. Sony Michel and Nick Chubb appear to be right where they need to be as well. Sometimes the universe unfolds essentially as it should.
  • Speaking of Big Chubb, he's only averaging 16.6 yards per carry at this point. Only.

I'll be back with the usual post game wrap-up in a bit, but for now let's see if the 'Dawgs can keep their heads on straight and their hearts in it long enough to secure the victory here. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!!