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The Friday Tailgate: Kentucky Edition.

I still believe in Houston Matson. Do you?
I still believe in Houston Matson. Do you?
Sam Greenwood

Maestro, the tunes:

This is the Friday Tailgate, the virtual tent under which we swap stories, predictions, and bourbon recommendations while waiting (not so) patiently for the 5:00 whistle to blow and the weekend to kick off in earnest. Is there any week that passes as slowly as the one following a particularly nasty defeat? I think not. Heck, Ludakit's about the most even-keeled guy I know, he had almost a week to get over it and he's still mad.

But we're less than 24 hours away from the Georgia Bulldogs getting a chance to prove that their true identity is closer to that of the team which bulldozed Missouri and Arkansas than the one which got run over, around, and through by the Florida Gators. If you forced me to guess, I would forecast that we'll see a team that comes out fired up and ready to prove themselves. We'll also hear a large contingent of fans ask, fairly I think, where that team was 7 days ago.

But that's a question for tomorrow. For now, I have a few less charged questions for you. That's right commentariat, it's time for our favorite Friday afternoon game: Over or Under. It's very simple. I give you a numerical proposition related to tomorrow's contest, you tell me if the ultimate result will be over the number I posit or under it. For example, if I say "Nick Chubb will score 1.9 touchdowns" and you believe he will score 2 TDs, you'd say "over." If you expect the Ground Hound from Cedartown to score 1, or even none, you'd respond "under." 2 is greater than 1.9. 1 is less than 1.9 (or fewer, if you want to get technical.) Simple enough? Great. Let's get started. Over or Under?

1) Sony Michel will carry the ball 5.9 times tomorrow.

2) Brice Ramsey will take 7.9 snaps at quarterback.

3) Kentucky will rush for 199.9 yards.

4) Wildcat QB Patrick Towles will throw for 249.9 yards.

5) The Bulldog defense will cause 2.9 turnovers.

6) Brendan Douglas will rush for 49.9 yards.

7) Malcolm Mitchell will have 59.9 receiving yards.

8) Jeb Blazevich will have 59.9 receiving yards.

9) The Georgia Bulldogs will score 0.1 points more than the Kentucky Wildcats.

Feel free to pepper the comments with your answers to the above questions, as well as your predictions for big performances, likely play calling, tailgate plans, or whatever else you want to include. At this tailgate we don't stand on ceremony. Until later. ...

Go 'Dawgs!!!