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Your Week 11 College Football TV Schedule

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Your Week 11 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!!!

So yeah, Jacksonville happened.  And it sucked.  I get it.

As a result of Georgia's performance last Saturday and our varying responses to it, several people have been kind enough (pathetic enough?) to send e-mails to Dawg Sports editorial staff members expressing their respectful disagreement with our positions on issues regarding the future of the Georgia Bulldogs.  As you might imagine, the language has been colorful and the grammar impeccable. Regarding anything that might offend in this article, I've got news for you suckas! My email address isn't listed on the masthead so you'll just have to write your angry letter by hand, crumple it up in a little ball, and forcefully introduce it to your posterior.  You should also feel free to make an ass of yourself on Twitter... I could use the traffic. #GeorgiaSucks #DawgSportsSucks #RedCrakeSucks #InternetWarriorWithNoSenseOfPerspective

(Note: Its perfectly fine to want a new coach at Georgia.  Its not perfectly fine to rant and rave like a drunk baby and act like your opinion is the only valid one because you say so.  Its a fact!)

In happier news, here we are looking square in the face of another weekend of college football.  For that we should be thankful, because there aren't that many more before the long cruel winter of our discontent sets in.  So, if those of you in Bulldog nation that are collectively losing your freaking minds would calmly set down your torches and pitchforks for a couple of days, here's some football for you to watch:


#21 Clemson Tigers @ Wake Forest Demon Deacons (7:30 ESPN)

Clemson could jump the Dawgs in the meaningless polls with a win. Will they or won't they? Tune in to find out.




#12 Baylor Bears @ #15 Oklahoma Sooners (12:00 Fox Sports 1)

Its a noon Big 12 slugfest on Fox Sports 1. What could be better??? Oh yeah...

#20 Georgia Bulldogs @ Kentucky Wildcats (12:00 ESPN)

Georgia tries to recover from the debacle in Jacksonville.  Should Georgia fans crucify Mark Richt on the Tate Plaza or maybe take a deep breath and see how the season plays out?  I personally think we should definitely send Richt packing.  Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Chip Kelly, and Jim Harbaugh are probably just waiting beside their phones.


#10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ #9 Arizona State Sun Devils (3:30 ABC)

I really need the Sun Devils to win this one so I don't have to keep hearing about Notre Dame.  If the Selection Committee is gonna ignore the Irish we should probably all do the same.


Good luck picking here.  Just a great Saturday night all the way around:

#7 Kansas State Wildcats @ #6 TCU Horned Frogs (7:30, FOX)

#5 Alabama Crimson Tide @ #16 LSU Tigers (8:00, CBS)

#14 Ohio State Buckeyes @ #8 Michigan State Spartans (8:00, ABC)

Bonus Game:  Florida Gators @ Vanderbilt Commodores (7:30, SEC Network)

Would anyone be totally shocked if the Gators came out and blew it against the hapless Commodores?  That would be adorable and, frankly, I think it would make me feel a good bit better.  Anchor Down!


#4 Oregon Ducks @ #17 Utah Utes (10:00 ESPN)

Oh, look... another late night Pac-12 contest! Except this one actually has implications.

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...