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SEC Game of Interest (Week 11)

Our record against the spread is barely better than Boom's record in Jacksonville.

Save us, Les!
Save us, Les!
Chris Graythen

We've fully hashed out the debacle in Jacksonville elsewhere, so the only thing to add here is that we hope Larry enjoys his lovely parting gift from Coach Richt. The only other point to mention before we get to the business at hand is that our record (now at 6-15-1 against the spread after last week's poor 0-2 showing) proves that we never should have changed the name of this column from Don't Bet On It! That's good advice to keep in mind when reviewing this week's SEC Game of Interest: No. 6 Alabama (-6.5) at No. 19 LSU.

The pick: LSU +6.5

Why you should care: It's a rematch of the Game of the Century! But seriously, it might determine the SEC West race. Then again, we're not entirely sure that UT Martin's trip to Starkville this Saturday might somehow play into the SEC West tiebreaker the way this season has gone so far.

Rationale: Our record should tell you that our methodology is suspect, so here's the truth: we're just going to keep picking against Lane Kiffin until we get it right. History tells us that that will not take long. He has shown a persistent inability to make half-time adjustments if his initial plan of attack doesn't work, and we all know that John Chavis's Tiger defense is going to come to play. The scary part about this pick is that, without any notable QB play to speak of, LSU's offense has been decidedly one dimensional. That's even more troubling given that the Tide boast the conference's best rushing defense, allowing less than 80 yards per game and just 2.71 yards per carry. This might actually be a repeat of that 6-9 snooze fest back in 2011. Don't say we didn't warn you. (Having warned you, this will probably turn into a Big-XII style shoot-out. You're welcome.)

Go Dawgs!