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Evening Open Comment Thread: Watching Others Be Miserable.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This is your evening open comment thread, the place to watch all of tonight's college football action in which roughly 50% emotionally-invested viewers will be just as miserable as you are right now in short order.

Obviously the marquee matchup of the evening is the Iron Bowl, in which Alabama and Auburn fans will come together in solidarity to briefly forget how sad the state of Alabama is. That one kicks off at 7:00 on ESPN, and as you've no doubt heard you can also watch a separate broadcast on SEC Network featuring Paul Finebaum talking to his loyal army of trailer park-dwelling gridiron geniuses.

Many of you are probably already watching the Florida State Seminoles take on the Florida Gators. There's also the Egg Bowl, pitting together two college football teams whose fans only wish they were from Alabama.

And at 8:00 there is the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State, a game fairly short on obvious playoff implications, but which has a tendency to be far wilder and more unpredictable than one would expect. It should make for great TV, especially if Oregon pulls a Georgia. Yes, still bitter. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the fact that others are crying bitter tears as well. It's college football season, if you can't be happy, take heart in the fact that everyone else is sad too. Until later…

Go Dawgs!!!