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Second Half Open Comment Thread.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Is it just me or have the Engineers gotten themselves a patent on "Throw it Away" as their signature play?  Sure seems like they've done it an awful lot in this game. Of course our go-to play seems to be "Give it to Chubb" but I'm perfectly okay with that.  Chubb is a beast of a player and we're all going to enjoy watching him suit up in Red & Black and run at will for as long as the NCAA allows, he's willing and his body is able.  It's past time to start the Chubb for Heisman campaign.

Admittedly, we should be up 21 to 7 right now but for our pair of inexplicable goal line drops.  Instead we're tied at the half with the Atlanta Engineers. In his comments on the way to the locker room, CMR didn't give any impression of frustration or worry, instead saying "we typically have good ball security."

The stats look pretty even.  They have 13 first downs to our 11, but we have 228 yards to their 183. We made them punt twice to our one.  It all comes down to our two turnovers.  As DaveTheDawg said, "We are the better team, but turnovers are the great equalizer."  I don't know about you, but I'm thinking we get 'em in the second half.

Refresh your beverages, grab a snack, and kiss your spouses & children.  It's still Clean Old Fashioned Hate and I fully expect when time expires today we will still be able to say with pride, "We RUN this State!"

Keep Calm Y'all and...

Go Dawgs!!!