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It's another noon kickoff for your Georgia Bulldogs, so you have previous little time to get caught up on the day's news before kickoff at noon on the SEC Network and on radio across the Bulldog Radio Network). So let's get right down to what's happening in Bulldog Nation.

To some, the fuel behind Georgia-Georgia Tech is more than hate | Online Athens
Marc Weiszer has an interesting look at the mental preparation the Bulldogs undertake for Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. This should make fans feel a little better about the potential for a mental letdown following last night's Arkansas/Missouri result. It doesn't of course answer the questions regarding obvious letdowns against other opponents. such as this year's Florida game. I for one wonder if Coach Richt has ever taken a play out of Nick Saban's playbook on this score. When Saban was at LSU he actually brought in a sports psychologist to work with his players on developing the proper frame of mind pregame. I'm not saying we need someone on staff to clean out the cobwebs in the Bulldogs' heads every week. But I am saying that it's hard to deny that there have been some inconsistent metal efforts these past few years, and it might be time to explore solutions for that. Because while fans may remember every single letdown in every single game that cost the Red and Black a shot at a title, the players who will be on the field today were in the 8th grade when the 2008 second half collapse happened. Our bitter recollections do them no good.

Why I have hope. | Get The Picture
On the bright side, the Senator has words of encouragement for those who wonder whether Georgia will ever break through for a national title. Honestly I'm past the point of prognosticating. I think winning a national title is a lot like sinking a 70 foot eagle putt. If you put the ball around the hole enough times you give luck a chance to happen. Mark Richt, given enough time, will continue to put Georgia in the 10-12 win area and eventually get one. Personally, I'm a lot more concerned with the fact we haven't won the SEC in almost a decade than I am with the national title drought, but your mileage may vary.

Maryland hires former UGA AD Damon Evans | Online Athens
As angry as I was at the shame he brought to his post, I am happy that Damon Evans is getting a shot at Maryland to do what he did best at Georgia: watch the money.

UGA website hacked with pro-Georgia Tech sentiments | Online Athens
If you can't beat 'em, play a juvenile prank that doubles as a felony.

Top 2015 target back in Athens again
Chidi Valentine-Okeke is back in Athens on Saturday for an unofficial visit. More and more I'm liking the Dawgs' chances for the big guy. Along with Devondre Seymour and Pat Allen he would give the Red and Black three true offensive tackles in the 2015 recruiting class, something really needed long term with John Theus graduating in 2015 and several other recent tackle prospects either moving on or still completely unproven.

We'll be back shortly with your first half open comment thread. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!