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Wednesday Morning 'Dawg Bites.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

You've got things to do before vacating the working world for the holidays, so I won't hold you up too long and will release you back into the wilds. I'm like a coed on a blind date with a Georgia Tech man that way. Here's what's going on in Bulldog Nation.

A skewed rivalry for some, the rightful order of the universe for others | Get The Picture
As the Senator notes, Mark Bradley says the darnedest things. The fact is the Georgia/Georgia Tech rivalry hasn't been cause for "fear" for Bulldog fans since the turn of the millennium. The only winning streak for the Jackets in the past twenty-plus years came courtesy of a call so bad even the officiating poobas at the S-E-See-no-evil felt compelled to discipline the officials who made it. But make no mistake, this game was last a balanced rivalry before many recruits visiting for Saturday's game were even born.

Loran Smith: The ‘Drought Breaker’ Sapp a reluctant hero | Online Athens

Loran Smith brings us a great portrait of Bulldog great Theron Sapp, the hero who broke "The Drought" during the glory days of Georgia Tech football. You know, 50 years ago.

WATCH: Chris Conley Talks UGA Receivers, Reflects On Time At UGA - Bulldawg Illustrated

I will miss Chris Conley the interviewee as much as I'll miss Chris Conley the football player. He and that old softy Amarlo Herrera.

Twenty-Seven UGA Football Seniors to be Honored Saturday

Twenty-seven UGA senior football players will be honored in a pre-game ceremony prior to the game against Georgia Tech on Saturday. You'll note that the list includes Zach Debell and Xzavier Ward, offensive linemen who are listed as juniors but but would appear to be hanging up the cleats after this season.

Ten@10: Mike Bobo’s offense rolling into record books — again | Georgia Bulldogs blog

Sure the numbers have been a little skewed by blowout wins over the likes of Troy and Charleston Southern but the fact remains, this Bulldog offense has scored a ton of points. They've done it with a new starter at quarterback, a committee of tailbacks, and an offensive line that has played well beyond its billing.

That should do you for now. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!