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National Game of Interest (Week 14)

The spread is strange. We've watched fewer national than conference games, and yet we've performed better on a national stage.

Hook them!
Hook them!
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Let's be honest: Rivalry Week is kind of overblow. Take a look at our "rivalry," for example. The first game was played in 1893. We won. Not much has changed. We lead the series 64-39, with 5 ties. Mark Richt has only lost once in 13 season. Frankly, it's kind of boring. The only reason that I care at all is because I remember how obnoxious those Techies were when they finally won that one time. For a full year you'd have thought that the only words they knew were "45" and "42." It was the only time I ever tried to talk to anyone about calculus.

And, this year at least, it's hard for us to get excited about any other rivalries. Even Seven Win Steve's Trojan team ought to be able to beat an Irish squad that's already thinking about 2015. Oregon is going to murder Oregon State, like they usually do. And whatever it is that Urban Meyer's Buckeyes do to Brady Hoke's Wolverines is probably going to be classified as a war crime. But there are two rivalry week games that warrant the designation of National Game of Interest: No. 5 TCU (-6.5) at Texas and No. 13 Arizona State at No. 11 Arizona (Pick).

The picks: Texas +6.5 and Arizona outright

Why you should care: This is the last full weekend of college football this year. Soak it all in.

Rationale: TCU has clearly had a superior season, but Texas is hitting it's stride. They held mighty Baylor and Oklahoma to their lowest offensive outputs all season, and they just won 3-in-a-row against Texas Tech, West Virginia, and Oklahoma State. Simply put, Texas is built to beat a team like TCU. This could be their signature win.

As for the Arizona pick, we haven't even tried to analyze the game. But Arizona has been responsible for more than its fair share of our 13-9 record against the spread. We're going to stick with the hot hand.

Go Dawgs! Beat Tech!