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Sunday Brunch 'Dawg Bites.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As always I advise you to beat the rush by hating Tech early. That being said, there's still time to take a look back at yesterday's victory and talk about the utter senselessness of the SEC East.

5 Biggest Takeaways: Georgia looks ready for stretch run

Some impressions from yesterday by Saturdays Down South. The one quibble I'd have is with the notion that Charleston Southern prepares you for Tech because they "run some option." Tech runs a lot more classic triple option, but also runs a bit more sophisticated passing attack, more sophisticated than they did when Johnson was installing his offense on the Flats. Georgia may have worked on some techniques and installed a package or two in anticipation of next week, but I wouldn't overstate the preparatory value of this game.

Chubb surprises, dominates against Charleston Southern - The Red and Black : Sports

As Larry would say, we've been decimated by injuries in the backfield. It's a little upsetting to think about where this team would be without Nick Chubb, who some are actually saying may sneak onto some Heisman ballots as a 4th or 5th place selection. The aspect of his game I've been most impressed with though? His ball security. Other than the one killer fumble against Florida Chubb's taken care of the ball, and that's kept us out of trouble. When you rely on a freshman tailback that's not something you can always say. I would also add however that this Bulldog offensive line is incredibly underrated and they've eased the transition considerably. They're a veteran group which has opened holes every week for whatever back is behind them. Everyone knew about Boss Andrews coming into the season, but Greg Pyke has really emerged and should get serious consideration when people start filling out those All-SEC and All-American ballots in the next few weeks. When you watch the guy on film you're struck by how big and athletic he really is. And you get excited to see how good he'll be next year.

Georgia backup QB Brice Ramsey has mixed day under center | Georgia Bulldogs blog | Columbus Ledger Enquirer
Brice Ramsey got some extended playing time in the Dawgs' win over Charleston Southern and the results were promising. Ramsey was far from perfect. He underthrew Isaiah McKenzie on what could have been a long touchdown and had an interception where he made the right read but threw it a shade behind the receiver. And he did miss at least one read where he didn't have to check down. Those however are things that can be fixed and will improve as he works with the receivers more. The things that are harder to teach, the arm strength, calm under pressure, and movement in the pocket are there.

Missouri 29, Tennessee 21: Tigers have eschewed Little Things™ for Big Things™ - Rock M Nation
Missouri continues to stumble, trip, and crawl toward Atlanta. I don't want to offend our friends from the Show Me State or the always excellent Rock M Nation, but I'm fairly certain Georgia is the "better" of the two teams, to the extent such an animal exists in the SEC East this season. Georgia beat the Tigers senseless in Columbia and has actually improved significantly since. I have no doubt the Bulldogs would prevail over Mizzou right now. And that being said we're counting on the Arkansas Razorbacks, who hadn't won an SEC game in over a year when we played them and have now shut out ranked LSU and Ole Miss in their last two games, to win a third. What a wacky year.

We'll be back later with the usual Sunday lineup of 15 Things, You're On Notice, and HNDawg's review of the new polls. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!