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Evening Open Comment Thread. Volunteer Volunteers Edition.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

So it's pretty simple. If the Tennessee Volunteers take down the Missouri Tigers tonight in Knoxville then your Georgia Bulldogs are headed to Atlanta on the first Saturday in December to play in the SEC Championship Game. If the Tigers from CoMo survive and advance, then we all turn into Arkansas Razorback fans next Saturday.

Tennessee is not without motivation in this one. The Volunteers are trying to get bowl-eligible for the first time since a loss to North Carolina in the 2010 Music City Bowl.

I cannot tell you how uncomfortable it makes me to root for the Tennessee Volunteers. I believe I have made clear in this space my animosity for the gang from Knoxville. It's not on par with my dislike for the Florida Gators or the Auburn Tigers. But it's right up there and I cannot remember ever, ever actively hoping for a Tennessee victory. But hey, these are strange times, and the enemy of my enemy is my poorly dressed, loud and clinically obese friend. So until later . . .

Go. [sighs deeply, prays his ancestors will forgive him] Vols.