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UGA/Charleston Southern Second Half Open Comment Thread.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Well, that went according to plan. The Bulldogs emerge for the second half holding a 38-3 lead over the Charleston Southern Buccaneers. The final points of the half came on an acrobatic Chris Conley catch, his third grab of the half, two of which went for touchdowns. As much as we'll all miss Todd Gurley, it goes without saying that it would be nice to break in a new quarterback in 2015 by having he and Michael Bennett (and probably Jonathon Rumph) around to ease the transition. A few additional first half notes:

  • Nick Chubb continues to run the ball in dominant fashion, carrying the ball 9 times for 113 yards (a nifty 12.6 yard per carry average) before yielding late in the half to Brendan Douglas.
  • The Bulldog defense doesn't just force turnovers against SEC defenses. They've turned two Buccaneer turnovers into 14 points. If you're an FCS squad looking to pull an upset against a top 10 opponent, that ain't the way to do it.
  • Charleston Southern has actually done a decent job on occasion of getting ball carriers to the corners and preventing Georgia from really setting the edge.
  • That being said, Charleston Southern didn't reach the Georgia side of the field until the 2:00 mark before halftime and didn't get but 3 points out of the effort.
  • Another half, another excellent job of stewardship by Hutson Mason, who was 10 out of 12 for 187 yards, 3 TDs and no INTs in the first half. I mentioned this on Twitter earlier this week, but Hutson Mason is really the Winston Wolfe of SEC QBs. No one knows who he is or what he looks like but they know he's the guy who just handles things.
  • Georgia holds a commanding 336/72 advantage in total yards. I'm not sure that will shrink too much in the second half as CSU quarterback Austin Brown left with what appeared to be an injured shoulder just before the half and his backup also took a good shot on the third down that preceded the field goal the Buccaneers made as the half expired. A banged up second stringer or a third string QB probably isn't the guy to keep it close in this one, even against the Bulldog backups.

So let's see what develops in the second half of this one. A couple of quick poll questions though: 1) Who comes out at QB to open the second half for Georgia? My money's on one more series for Hutson Mason. 2) Will Nick Chubb end the game as the Dawgs' leading rusher? I think there's a real chance that one of the backups could break a run or two and go over that 113 mark (assuming of course that Chubb's day is done). Until later, have a great second half and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!