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Saturday Morning 'Dawg Bites.

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We'll be along shortly with the Charleston Southern First Half Open Comment Thread, but while you finish that coffee here's a sampling of what else is going on this morning: - Double Duty
Anthony Dasher has a profile of Bulldog tight end Jack Loonam, who also serves as an Army ROTC officer at Georgia. As the article notes one of the objectives in games like today's is to get guys like Loonam who've committed to the team for years a chance to play in Sanford Stadium. Here's hoping Jack gets his shot today.

Tech, Johnson working on extension |
The Jackets and Paul Johnson are working on a contract extension. This is probably the best news I've heard all morning. Is Johnson going to find a way to jump up and bite us in the rump occasionally? Sure. But as long as he's the biggest lump on the Flats, Tech isn't a threat to do much other than get passed by Georgia Southern to become the third best football program in the state and to serve as an occasional sacrificial lamb in the ACC title game, which apparently is still a thing.

Around college football: How good is the Florida job?
Some sources say the Florida job may not be the ideal position that Florida fans seem to think it is. One overlooked shortcoming? The facilities, which Athletic Dircetor Jeremy Foley seems reluctant to spend to upgrade. One might be tempted to note that this may be where Greg McGarity learned his craft. Not me necessarily, but you know, other people. It's also worth noting that labeling the job "merely" a 9.5 out of 10 still means that there should be tons of qualified candidates out there. The question is whether Foley makes a Donovan/Meyer type hire or a Zook/Muschamp hire. It could honestly go either way.

That'll do you for now. Again we'll be back with the Charleston Southern kickoff shortly, then here for the rest of the day's action. Until then.....

Go 'Dawgs!!!