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You've done it. You made it to the end of another week without grievously injuring anyone, crashing the global economy, or  sparking a war between India and Pakistan. You deserve a hand, and this morning's freshest, hottest Bulldog news.

The Legendary Loran Smith - Georgia Official Athletic Site
As many of you know yesterday marked the anniversary of the passing of the legendary voice of the Bulldogs, Larry Munson. But for those of us who remember a time when relatively few Georgia football games were on TV, the dulcet tones of Munson will always be accented by the Wrightsville drawl of Loran Smith. Anne Noland has a wonderful little profile of the man who's held almost every job in the UGA athletic department except head football coach and peanut vendor (though if you know Charles Grant just loves boiled peanuts, you can thank him for that).

Van Gundy, Georgia form basketball bond | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |
Seth Emerson looks at how Jeff Van Gundy, the former NBA coach and current TV analyst, came to be associated with the Bulldog basketball program. If you're going to have "super fans", having one who's coached a team to the NBA finals is infinitely more useful than having Snoop Dog hanging around. And as Pete Carroll will attest, less likely to get you in hot water with the NCAA.

Single-Game Football Tickets On Sale - Georgia Official Athletic Site
Due to UGA student ticket returns, a limited number of tickets to the Georgia Tech game are on sale through the Athletic Association. This is a perennial issue with playing the Tech game over Thanksgiving weekend. I'd like to offer a solution, but if you can't get students back for your hated instate rival, I don't know who you can expect them to come back for. I do know that standing in the cold and screaming at Chan Gailey in 2002 remains one of my favorite memories from my law school career. No student should turn down the chance to hate Tech live and in person.

Control the tempo and four other keys to a Georgia win | Online Athens
It's hard to come up with a lot of unique analysis of this weekend's game, but Marc Weiszer is correct that Georgia needs to come out strong, control the tempo, and just handle business. This game will be a golden opportunity to rest guys for the Tech game and play some younger guys ahead of 2015 if handled properly.

Todd Gurley's draft stock likely falling - The Red and Black : Sports
Todd Gurley slots somewhere from the second to third round, depending on how his knee has progressed between now and the NFL Combine when teams can medically evaluate the injury. That's terrible in the short term for Todd, who was a likely top 20 pick before his injury. In the long run though Gurley is going to be fine I think.

UGA’s key to recruiting multiple top RBs – zeroing in on competitive players | DogBytes Online
Speaking of stud tailbacks, here's a nice article by Marc Weiszer looking at why Georgia has been able to recruit such great tailbacks year after year. Going back even further than this article, I remember well Coach Richt talking about Knowshon Moreno coming down for camps from his home in New Jersey and taking on all challenges. Georgia has recruited guys who are willing to buy into being a part of a full platoon approach at the position, and it's been buttressed by the fact that Bryan McClendon and Mike Bobo have stayed true to their recruiting pitch after the ink dries, getting freshmen on the field early and often.

We'll be back later with more Bulldog goodness. Until then....

Go 'Dawgs!!!