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Sunday Morning 'Dawg Bites.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well that sucked. There's really not a lot more that can be said. First let's get past some hyperbole. No, this game doesn't mean that Georgia is a terrible football team. In accordance with standing Dawg Sports policy, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that no team is ever quite as good as its wins or as bad as its losses. The lackadaisical effort we saw yesterday was hard to explain despite being basically expected at this point. It's a theme you'll see writ large in today's Bulldog news, which is uniformly infuriating.

On this day 'Florida had more fight than Georgia' | Online Athens
“That’s not the team that we are. That’s not the team we want to be”, said Damian Swann. With all due respect Damian, we are what we do repeatedly. And Bulldog fans are tired of repeatedly watching this team lay one to two eggs per year.

Georgia blows it all with inexcusable performance |
" Quoth the Schultzinator: This is the kind of game that fuels the bonfires of criticism. A program builds up its fan base with a string of impressive wins, positions itself for a conference title, a playoff berth and a dream season, then napalms the sucker in one afternoon." Hard to argue with that.

UGA postgame report: Pruitt faces the music, Bulldogs finally fall without Gurley | DogBytes Online
Congratulations to Jeremy Pruitt for owning up to this one. Let's call this what it was: a poor effort by a team which was physically dominated by a team they had no business losing to. It was awful, pathetic, and 20 hours later it's still hard to believe it actually happened.

Florida 38, Georgia 20: Hard-earned wins go down easy - Alligator Army
Andy Hutchins is right. Florida earned this one. They rallied around an embattled coach and beat a team that has found a way to snatch victory from them for three years in a row. You have to give them credit for that.

Welp. That's about all I got. We'll be back with more later. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!