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Wednesday Dawg Bites: Let's Go Indoors

... in which we discover that, amazingly, the AD is being stingy with the purse strings (again). I'm shocked... SHOCKED, I tell you, to discover this fact.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Dawg fans.  Macondawg is busy making his Christmas fruitcakes this morning, so I guess y'all are stuck with me to give you the skinny on what's happening in and around the Classic City today.  To the hot sheets we go:

Jeremy Pruitt thinks we need an Indoor Practice Facility, like, yesterday. Greg McGarity LOL's in response. | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Coaches talk about how Georgia really needs to have a indoor practice facilty, and how it's being used as a negative recruiting tool against us. Except this coach (Pruitt), who has been recruiting against Georgia for quite a few years now, talks candidly about how he actually used this pitch in the past, so it's no longer just a random "rumor" that "everybody knows about."  Pruitt even went so far as to predict that UGA would actually have a practice facility built by this time next year.

Greg McGarity, of course, has a different story.  Only this is the state of Georgia, so he can't blame union contracts and the mafia slowing down construction times and whatever else you might want to use as a crutch to kick the can down the road.  Just read the article. It's very good.  One of the things that stuck out to me was that the IPF wouldn't just need to be used in cold or inclement weather, but even when it's just really, really, hot outside... like it gets at times in Georgia in the late spring, summer, and early fall.

Mark Richt says no blackout this year, but possibly a pre-announced one next year | Dog Bytes Online | Marc Weiszer

Many members of the community at Dawg Sports, even the esteemed Right Honourable Mayor Emeritus Kyle Weblog, have expressed a fondness for the black jerseys and a desire to see them once again broken out for a game. The objections arise when we try to do it as an ad hoc "special event," when it feels like "fake juice" to some people. Mark Richt seemed to endorse this idea yesterday during his press conference, when he strongly hinted that next year, we might just have a blackout game that's announced before the season even starts. I like that idea, and other schools already do it.  We just need to make sure it's later in the year when it's not likely to be 175 degrees outside.  (This means the Alabama game is probably not a candidate. Really, the only candidates are probably Florida, Kentucky, or Georgia Southern.)

More walking wounded for the Dawgs | Dog Bytes Online | Marc Weiszer

Backup ILB Ryne Rankin and walk-on WR Michael Erdman both have wrist injuries, but since Rankin doesn't need to actually move his wrist in his job, he'll be back for Tech.  Unfortunately, though, Erdman's Bulldog career is over, since he's a senior.  Brandon Kublanow looks to have gotten a minor knock, but was already back at practice yesterday.

Medical redshirt likely for Keith Marshall |Dog Bytes Online | Marc Weiszer

Assuming he doesn't decide to go pro (and who knows), Keith Marshall will probably get a medical redshirt for this year and will be back toting the rock for the Red and Black next season.  Let's all hope he'll truly be back at 100% again once he gets back on the field.  He was a sight to behold for a brief period in 2013, and hadn't yet looked really right when he got back in 2014.

BREAKING NEWS:  Mark Richt will watch a football game in his PJ's.  But definitely not orange PJ's. | AP | Charles Odum

Let's be honest: a Mark Richt press conference is usually about as exciting as dry white toast. On Tuesday, however, there was a little bit of entertainment, as Richt revealed that he's a night-shower man, wears PJ's, and hasn't worn any orange since his college days at the University of Miami. (See, I like this guy.  Never wear orange.  Ever.)

How to be a college football coach | SB Nation | User "Faux Pelini"

This isn't a UGA-related article (not directly, anyway)... but it's a great tongue-in-cheek commentary on the job of being a college football coach, written by the guy who managed to goad the real Bo Pelini into running out of the tunnel holding a cat before Nebraska's spring game.  The guy has POWERS.

Have a great Wednesday, Dawg fans!  And...

Go Dawgs!