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Tuesday Morning 'Dawg Bites: Charleston Southern Has A Great Long Snapper.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's one of those Tuesdays that feels more like a Monday here at Dawg Sports HQ, where we're putting the big Auburn victory behind us and getting refocused on a big test coming up against.....(looks at schedule)....THE College of Southern Charleston*. Here's what's happening this morning in Bulldog Nation.

UGA has a new basketball seating plan | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |
In an effort to improve the atmosphere at basketball games, Georgia has instituted a program that allows fans to improve their seats early in the game. It's an outstanding idea whose time had long since come. One of the all time frustrations of a weeknight game at the Stege is sitting in the rafters looking out over a sea of empty seats only feet away from the action.

Georgia fires women's soccer coach | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |
In non-football news Georgia is in the market for a new soccer coach after parting ways with Steve Holeman. Holeman had a winning record in his time in Athens, but perhaps not winning enough. Anyone who can provide additional insight into this decision is welcome to do so in the comments below or to drop us an email.

Erickson will remember the pass (not the flag) against Auburn | Online Athens
It is a tragedy that SEC officials deprived Adam Ericksen of the only 41 yard pass he's likely to throw in his college career. For shame, gentlemen. For shame. In all seriousness, the absolutely terrible ineligible receiver downfield call on Brandon Kublanow was even more egregious because Auburn (and other schools including Kansas State and Ole Miss) have been running run/pass option plays all year with linemen 5 yards downfield. The fact that SEC officials bothered to throw a bogus flag on that play was the most Playing While Georgia moment we've seen all season. While there have been other BS flags, this was the one that really made you wonder if there is a double standard at play. It wasn't just a bad call, but a heinously inconsistent one.

Gurley's injury won't impact Floyd's draft decision | Online Athens

It's that time of year, when college players who are draft-eligible start getting questions about whether they'll stay or go. For my money, Floyd really should return. He's not had a dominant season this year, but perhaps more importantly he's still got some development to do as a pass rusher. I very seriously doubt that he's a first round selection if he leaves this season.

Bulldogs Begin Preparations For Charleston Southern - Georgia Official Athletic Site

Coach Richt's not just offering platitudes when he says Charleston Southern is a very good football team. The Buccaneers sit at 8-3 and retain an outside shot at a playoff berth. They're 18-6 in two seasons under Coach Jamey Chadwell, whose name you'll eventually hear for other, bigger vacancies. And while former AD Vince Dooley was a noted connoisseur of long snapping talent, one Buccaneers'  snapper will need no introduction to the current Bulldog AD, as Greg McGarity's nephew Sean (son of former Bulldog tennis player Stuart McGarity) is on the CSU roster.

That should keep you busy for a while. We'll be back with more Bulldog goodness in a bit. Until then...

Go 'Dawgs!!!

*Charleston Southern is actually in North Charleston, SC. I find that entertaining.