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SEC Game of Interest (Week 13)

We've made a lot of mistakes since taking over this column, but moving away from Kyle's original title and recurring gag may have be the worst.

Go Vols?
Go Vols?
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

We're back after a brief hiatus. There's no need to get into details, but if anyone asks, we were here the whole time, ok? Cool. Our record after last week's picks is 7-17-1. It's been one of those seasons. We might turn things around with this week's SEC Game of Interest (Mizzou at Tennessee (-3.5)), but Don't Bet On It!

The pick: Tennessee -3.5

Why you should care: We need Mizzou to lose another SEC game if we're going to make it to Atlanta for anything other than the Peach Bowl.

Rationale: The universe kind of owes us after everything that's happened to Todd Gurley this season, right? Actually, with the way things have worked out for us the last couple of years, that probably means that the Vols are hosed. But there is some reason to hope: the Vols are the youngest team in college football this year. They've played 23 true freshman at one time or another so far this season, and now all of those kids have some experience under their belts. Maybe that's why the Vols are leading the conference in scoring and passing offense so far in November, besting the SEC's newest Tigers by more than 20 points per game and 3 yards per attempt, respectively. Unfortunately, the defense hasn't been as effective, but we're thinking they can win a shoot-out at home to become bowl eligible.

Go Dawgs!