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A Brief Word About Our New Logo.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably noticed the traditional Dawg Sports logo has been replaced by a markedly different design. A statement even. Allow me to explain.

"It's on us" is a campaign to raise awareness of, and more importantly to take action against, sexual assault. Sexual assault is rampant on college campuses. We've all heard the high profile stories involving college athletes, but to be clear this is not a reaction or statement about those stories. Instead, this is part of an SB Nation network-wide effort to help stop sexual assault on college campuses, and to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of a crime whose victims sometimes feel tragically alone. You can read more about the It's On Us campaign and take the It's On Us pledge at this website. We now return you to your regularly scheduled college sports coverage, already in progress. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!