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The Mark Richt Victory Watch: Episode 134 Churley Runs Again

Why that looks almost like a Heisman Pose Mr. Chubb Sir!
Why that looks almost like a Heisman Pose Mr. Chubb Sir!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Classic City Canines Pounded the WarTiglePlainsman back to before we discovered fire and tools* in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry today with a final score of 34-7, proving once again Auburn Delenda Est! With today's win, the series record is tied at 55-55-8 and order is very nearly restored.  It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to once again bring to you, the Mark Richt Victory Watch.

Mark Richt has now secured his 134th career win, in only 181 total games as the head man in charge in the Classic City. Coach Richt currently boasts a 134-47 record and a .740 winning percentage.  At the identical juncture in their careers, Coach Wally Butts was 113-60-8 (.624) following a win in Jacksonville in 1955 and Vince Dooley and the 1980 National Championship Bulldogs featuring Herschel Walker had just won their first game of the season against Tennessee in Knoxville bringing Coach Dooley to an all-time record of 119-56-6 (.657) **

Mark Richt remains statistically head and shoulders above his historical coevals at the same point in their respective careers and the one man for whom I would leave Mr. Podunkdawg, should I be presented with such an opportunity.

Remember to #PrayforTodd, enjoy the rest of your weekend and may you enjoy sweet dreams of watching the Bulldogs play in the Georgia Dome very soon. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

*We're not yet sure if Auburn has achieved tools and fire.  Tennessee finally found fire in time to run Lame Kittens out of town, so there is hope for Auburn yet.

** You didn't think I'd miss pointing out the beginning of the 1980 season did you?