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Saturday Morning 'Dawg Bites.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After six long weeks, it's finally a football Saturday in Athens! You've got a lot to get done today, setting up the grill, making another pot of coffee, figuring out which item of tailgate gear you'll burn for additional warmth if necessary. But first let's take a look at what's making news in Bulldog Nation.

Edges: Georgia vs. Auburn - The Red and Black : Sports
I agree with the Red&Black that Auburn probably has an edge offensively in this one, and Georgia probably has a slight edge on defense, especially with a raucous night crowd behind them. I don't think that translates into a two touchdown victory for the Plainsmen, however.

Georgia-Auburn needs no false hype | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |

When we talk about "intangible" factors this game should be a case study. Gurley's return, at night, with a lot on the line in a huge rivalry game is the definition of intangible factors. The question is whether all those things combine to focus this Bulldog team or to distract them.

4 burning questions and an Auburn-Georgia prediction with a Georgia beat writer |
Chip Towers answers a few questions for the folks from, giving some very sensible responses. For the record, I agree with Chip's assessment that this game has a sort of "perfect storm" feel to it for the 'Dawgs.

Hutson Mason finally has all weapons at his disposal - The Red and Black : Sports

"For as much talk as there was over the summer about how Mason has more skill-position weapons at his disposal than any of his predecessors did, this weekend will be the first time he will have all of them at once."

UGA Basketball (Video): Mark Fox disappointed after Georgia Tech loss - Bulldawg Illustrated
In basketball news, I guess I'm a little comforted that Coach Fox agreed with my assessment that the biggest issue last night for the Bulldog offense was settling for poor three point attempts early in the shot clock. A little discomforted that every successive Bulldog squad since 2010 has had that same problem, but we're going to withhold judgment for the time being.

We'll be back with Numbers to Know, your early open comment thread, and much more shortly. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!