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Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Todd Gurley... Who now realizes that if he had just stolen money like Nick Marshall, he'd probably have a Heisman Trophy*. Remember kids: Selling bad. Stealing good.

Mike Zarrilli

*This is purely hypothetical, of course, since Georgia actually punishes its players and stealing would certainly result in a multiple game suspension if not more.  Point is, the NCAA wouldn't give a crap and at most places a player would play right through it (*cough* Jameis Winston *cough*).

Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!!!

It turns out that, overall, this is a pretty lame weekend of college football to be occurring this late in the season.  But that doesn't much matter when you have contests like Georgia-Auburn and Mississippi St.-Alabama.  There just isn't much else. That said, here are the games that I'll be watching in each time slot:


California Golden Bears @ USC Trojans (9:00 ESPN)

We sure have come a long way since the days of Pete Carroll and Jeff Tedford in his prime... Hey, I hear The Eastern Carolina University is on ESPN2... might wanna switch to that.


Tulsa Golden Hurricane @ UCF Knights (8:00 ESPN2)

Were there other options, I would have suggested one...


#19 Clemson Tigers @ #22 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (12:00 ESPN)

At first I thought I would have trouble picking this game.  Then I remembered that I have no issue with Clemson (other than wanting to beat them a couple of times a decade) and that my white trash in-laws are all Tech fans.  You see, there are two types of Tech fans. Type 1: Went to school at Georgia Tech and cheer proudly for their team - I have no quarrel with these people (although I do reserve the right to mock them and vice versa). Type 2: The 99% of the fanbase that just chose to like Georgia Tech because they are contrarian a-holes by nature.  They like Georgia Tech only because it gives them an opportunity to act like a jerk whenever there are Georgia fans around.  These people could never hope to attend Georgia Tech (or Georgia for that matter), yet love to make the academic argument regarding UGA vs. Tech. That is, when they can figure out how to correctly verbalize it with their 8th grade education.  My In-Laws are Type 2 Tech Fans. Go Tigers!


#1 Mississippi St. Bulldogs @ #5 Alabama Crimson Tide (3:30 CBS)

Its hard to argue with a game between two Top 5 SEC teams.  Its made considerably harder when the winner of said game has the inside-track to play Missouri/Georgia in the SEC Championship game.  I see no other option here unless you have Big 10 ties... in which case feel free to slog through a game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Wisconsin Badgers for the Big 10's most meaningless trophy (which is really saying something).

However, from a more local interest angle, you can always join me in watching:

Georgia Southern Eagles at Navy Midshipmen (3:30 CBSSN)

I rarely ever root against a service academy.  In this game, I shall.  There was apparently some sort of clause in my GSU Ed.S. Program admission packet leaving me contractually obligated to cheer for the Eagles.  It has been a generally pleasurable experience so far, but I really should start reading things before I sign them...


#9 Auburn Tigers @ #15 Georgia Bulldogs (7:15 ESPN)

I mean, honestly, did you really expect me to pick anything else? GO DAWGS! AUBURNA DELENDA EST!


#6 Arizona State Sun Devils @ Oregon State Beavers(10:45 ESPN)

This late night Pac-12 thrillfest will perfectly complement :

a) Your jubilation over a Bulldog victory


b) Your blinding rage and utter despair at a Bulldog loss.


That's all for this week folks. Until next time...