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Mark Richt Victory Watch, Episode 133

Sorry, we went to the track after the game, made a few poor decisions, and it's a long story but we now owe 2,400 bucks to a guy named JimBob and the Mark Richt Victory Watch is incredibly belated.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

After mightily laying the smack down on the University of Kentucky in Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday, Mark Richt earned his 133rd victory as the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs.  Coach Richt's career win percentage is 73.9%, and he needs 69 more wins to surpass Vince Dooley as the winningest coach in Georgia history. (Coach Richt only needs 8 more wins to surpass Wally Butts as the second-winningest coach in UGA history.)

Only two other coaches, Wally Butts and Vince Dooley, have captained the ship in Athens as long as Mark Richt has. At the identical point in their college coaching careers (after 180 games), Wally Butts was 113-59-8 (62.8%)  after dropping a 14-0 decision to Tulane in Sanford Stadium in 1955, and Vince Dooley was 118-56-6 (65.6%) after dispatching the Yellow Jackets 16-3 in the 1979 edition of "Clean Old Fashioned Hate" in Atlanta.

Y'all know what's gonna happen over the next 48 games for Coach Dooley's numbers... After the next 48 games (which comprises the 1980-1983 "glory days" run, but will be a little more than 3.5 seasons for us in the present-day world), Dooley will be at 161-60-7, for a win rate of 70.6%. (This will be the highest point-in-time win % of his career.)  It'll be interesting to see how Mark Richt's numbers stack up during that time.

Go Dawgs!