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Second Half Open Comment Thread.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

And that's what happens when a team just looking for a break gets a couple against a team that wasn't ready to have to work for it. A few notes:

  • I guarantee that after the game Richt and/or Marshall Morgan will say that he was kicking fine in pre game despite the wind. I don't doubt that, but that particular kick got really high and just hung up there. The wind shifts, strengthens and weakens. This is why it's just generally dangerous to try to kick in wind of this type.
  • Which Georgia's coaches should have been aware of when Florida lined up to kick the exact same kick Morgan attempted. Caught 100% with their pants down on that one. Simply no excuse for that kind of lack of situational awareness.
  • Speaking of which, Hutson Mason was a little rattled there at the end of the half and was starting to press. I believe Richt did the right thing just getting him into the locker room to settle him down rather than pushing the issue. Fans didn't like it, but there's just no reason to go hang gliding in a hurricane there when you don't really have to. There's a huge difference between going into halftime down 14-7 and going in down 14 points.
  • Mason has thrown the ball 13 times so far which is about 5 more than I would have liked. The Georgia offensive line is really struggling with the one area of strength on this Gator team, a solid defensive line.

Georgia still has every chance to win this one, but they're going to have to do several things to make that happen. #1 is playing smart. Now is not the time to tense up and commit a stupid penalty or turnover. Just come out aggressive, get a stop to open the half, sustain a decent drive (even if you don't get points) and be ready when Treon Harris makes another costly freshman mistake.

Go 'Dawgs!!!