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Gurley Suspension: ALL. THE. FEELINGS.

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Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Maestro, if you will:

We here at Dawg Sports understand that you, the red and black bleeding public, are probably experiencing some pretty strong emotions right now. Anger. Fear. Betrayal. Hunger (Actually that's just me, I haven't eaten since the story broke, which is huge for me, because I'm a stress eater).

This is the place for you to get it all out, with a few provisos:

  • Keep the cursing to a minimum. Our community rules are pretty simple: absolutely no F bombs, try to keep the other stuff limited, no threats of violence. Don't say stuff you wouldn't want your mother to read.
  • Feel free to rage against the NCAA. They're a monopoly which profits handsomely and very literally from the blood, sweat, and tears of teenagers with zero bargaining power whatsoever.
  • Don't turn on each other. I cannot stress this enough. This ain't turning into the schadenfreude show on some rival message board. We're all pretty upset, but we're also all in the same boat. No need to hit each other over the head with our oars.
  • Try to have a sense of humor. It sucks. It really and truly sucks the suck of a thousand sucky suns. But there are worse things in the world than having to watch the Georgia Bulldogs play a football game without Todd Gurley.

So with those ground rules, this is the place to express your frustration with the NCAA, the IRS, the FBLA, or anyone else you choose to blame for this situation. I'm sure Mike Bobo will figure prominently. Along with GerryDiNardo, Sasquatch, and D.B. Cooper. Basically, blame ERRBODY. Feel free. This is a safe space.

Go 'Dawgs!!!