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Goat Roast 2014: A Good Time For A Good Cause.

Burn Baby Burn! Goat Roast Inferno!
Burn Baby Burn! Goat Roast Inferno!

As you probably already knew, this Saturday is the annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast, the one college football game day on which the Dawg Sports community steps out from behind the keyboard and takes in a Georgia Bulldog football game from the confines of the Blind Pig Tavern on Baldwin Street. Thrill to Kyle pacing around the room and muttering in Munson-esque tones. Watch as MaconDawg frets about gap assignments and play calling progressions. Enjoy a slice of the red velvet sheet cake goat effigy which serves as the pagan centerpiece of this whole shindig, all because of an Old Testament-reminiscent comment ChuckDawg made during a live thread.

It'll be a good time. It's always a good time. But this year, we're asking for your help to make it more than that. We're asking for you to help us raise money for a good cause, collecting donations for the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, whose mission is to feed the ill, needy, seniors, and children throughout Northeast Georgia.

Every dollar that's donated allows the Food Bank to provide up to four meals to those in need not only in and around Athens, but throughout the hills and mountains of Northeast Georgia. You've probably noticed that winter is on the way. There's a chill in the air, and while hunger is a problem the whole year 'round, this time of year is one of acute need for some. Your $20.00 donation could feed a family of four for a week, and I feel sure there are a lot of families who could use a little help.

So come out to the Blind Pig on Saturday, and if you choose to, drop a little cash in the hat (literally, we're going to be passing a Georgia Bulldog hat). Or give online. You can make your gift in honor or memory of someone, and I for one would love to have the folks from the Food Bank ask me if I know why they got a bunch of donations in memory of Erk Russell or in honor of Reggie Ball.

So like Saint Reggie, patron saint of bail bondsmen and those who can't count to four, give early and give often. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!