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SEC Games of Interest (Week 7)

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This is why we don't wager real money on college football games.

Brice Ramsey doing his thing.
Brice Ramsey doing his thing.

Upset Saturday was great fun to watch but painful for our predictions. We were right about Auburn trouncing LSU but not much else. Bama lost on the road at Ole Miss, and A&M lost on the road in Starkville. The lone bright spot (for prognostication purposes) was that, although UT couldn't pull the upset, they kept it within 1 point for a push. Our 1-2-1 record for the week brings us to 5-9-1 on the season.

This week's SEC Games of Interest aren't any easier to pick: No. 2 Auburn (-3) at No. 3 Mississippi State and No. 3 Ole Miss at No. 14 Texas A&M (-3) should both be great games.

The picks: Auburn -3 and Texas A&M -3

Why you should care: That's 2 games involving 3 top-5 opponents from 1 division. (Spoiler Alert: The SEC Champion is coming from the West this year.)

Rationale: The fact that Auburn is so good is proof that we live in a cruel and uncaring universe, but, like it or not, they're very, very good. Picking them to cover here is easy because we have a common point of comparison: each team's performance against LSU this season. The Bizarro Bulldogs beat the Bayou Bengals 34-29 a few weeks back, and the WarPlainsTiglesMenRabbits beat them 41-7 last weekend. These two scores tell you everything you need to know, but here's some more anyway: Mississippi State's defense has been getting a lot of credit lately, but Auburn actually held LSU to fewer total yards and passing yards and allowed fewer 3rd down conversions. This should be a fun game for at least a half, but lying, cheating, and stealing will ultimately prevail.

We got burned picking A&M against the other team from Mississippi last week, but we're trying it again here. Here's why we think things will turn out differently: A&M played a sloppy game last week. There were plenty of dropped passes that could have made the game a lot closer than it wound up. The Aggies are going to spend this week practicing their butts off to make sure that they don't look that bad again. On the other hand, Ole Miss had quite possibly their biggest win of all time at home, playing near flawless football. They're due for a big letdown. If this game were being played in 2 weeks, we might go the other way, but this seems like a bad situation for the Rebel Black Bears.

Bonus Pick: We're taking LSU -1.5 at Florida. Last week, the Bayou Bengals got beaten by one of the best teams in the country, and Florida just barely beat a bad Tennessee team. Plus Florida's offensive spark is (rightfully) out for at least the week.

Go Dawgs!