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Herrera's tackling everybody up in here. Hide your Leonard Floyd! Hide your Maty Mauk!
Herrera's tackling everybody up in here. Hide your Leonard Floyd! Hide your Maty Mauk!
Mike Zarrilli

Another work week beckons. We've all got things to do, reports to prepare, meetings to endure, barges to tote, bales to lift, new schools to enroll in and merchandise to return.. But first let's take a look at what's news in Bulldog Nation.

"We got into a bad play, and it resulted in a touchdown. That’s on us. … It’s all of our fault." | Get The Picture
A blow by blow of the keystone cops throwback play by Vandy that Devin Bowman took back all the way for the score. The lesson to be learned here is that every one of the 100+ plays of a typical college football game is an opportunity for disaster. The difference between 12-0 and 6-6 is the outcome of about 10-15 of those plays. And that's why so many college football coaches are bald.

Richt Sunday updates: QBs, Scott-Wesley, Langley | DogBytes Online

Interesting quote from Richt about getting reps for the second string quarterback early in the game: "I think it’s always good to let your second-teamer play in some snaps that are important in the first half. It just gives them experience that they need in case your starter gets hurt or when your starter moves on because he’s a senior or whatever it may be. You want to play your second-teamers at all positions if you can, but the quarterback seems to be the most delicate. . ." One could ask why then, with Aaron Murray being a mortal lock in the starting spot over the last three seasons, Hutson Mason didn't log more time than he did. Sure there were a lot of close games there, but I can think of a half dozen games in which Mason could have played and either gained experience or made clear that he was never going to be the guy.

I think that when the treatment of D.J. Shockley and Matt Stafford is contrasted with that of a guy like Mason, Richt's position can more accurately be stated as "it's good to play your second string guy when he has all the physical tools but just needs the game reps to sharpen them before we turn over the reins."

Richt Teleconference: J.J. Green may play against Missouri - The Red and Black : Sports
Georgia needs players to step up in the secondary, and the more healthy candidates available the better. Green in particular has shown some real promise.

Bye Week Breakdown: So You Got a Comeback Win....What Comes Next? - Columbia Daily Tribune | Columbia Missouri: Behind The Stripes
Missouri's 21-20 win over South Carolina was the 11th time in Gary Pinkel's 14-year tenure that the Tigers have come back from a double-digit deficit to win a game. Now Georgia gets to find out whether that win was a catalyst for bigger things or an aberration.

STAT SPOTLIGHT: Where Are MU's top tacklers making their stops? - Columbia Daily Tribune | Columbia Missouri: Behind The Stripes
David Morrison of the Columbia Daily Tribune takes a look at not only who is making tackles in the SEC, but where the tackles are being made. It is surprising if not wholly unproblematic data, and substantiates the premise that if Amarlo Herrera is making tackles, the Georgia defense is probably benefiting.

That should get you started. Now, you have work to do!

Go 'Dawgs!!!