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15 Thoughts Did Not Get Upset

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I remained calm (for the most part) during our victory over Vanderbilt, despite seeing some of the familiar issues on both sides of the ball. Let us enjoy this one because there are a whole bunch of teams waking up this morning with a sad...

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The best stiff-arm in America
The best stiff-arm in America
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I was a little bit negative and admitted that some therapy might do a body good after our victory over Tennessee.  This week, I vowed to accept where we are as a football team and enjoy a football game that was played in perfect weather in the best danged college town in America.  For the most part, I was able to do this.  Baby steps...

Here we go...

1. If you had prior knowledge before the college football weekend began (beginning with Arizona's victory over Oregon on Thursday) that a whopping 32% of the Top 25 teams in America would lose, would you have been more or less nervous about Vandy?  Considering that Vandy has had more success against us over the last 4 years than Florida and Tennessee, I would've been most fretful if armed with this knowledge.

2. I'm just going to quit obsessing worrying about our passing game.  It is what it is.  No amount of teeth gnashing over the abilities and/or deficiencies of Hutson Mason is going to change that fact that we have a quarterback with an average arm.  We also are migrating to a two-quarterback system.  Mark Richt stated that he will play Brice Ramsey more.

2a. I will say that throwing into a steady wind (more on this below) is not easy.  This probably had an effect...but Mason's near "pick-6' on the first drive was just a poor decision - with the wind at his back.

3. We are, or should be, a run-first team on offense.  As in, run it on first down.  Just Run The Damn Ball.  We cannot get into 3rd and long and expect the passing game to sustain any drives this season.  I hate 2nd and 10.  Third and 10 means we'll be punting the next play (or worse).

4. Todd Gurley for Heisman.  As great as he was - and he could have gotten 200+ yards easily yesterday - this game will be ignored by ESPN and other mainstream outlets because of the wildness that occurred on Saturday.  That's okay.  Just keep chopping wood left-handed, Todd.  Who knew?

Renaissance Man

He's truly in a class all by himself

5. Gurley's numbers were impressive in essentially 3 quarters of work:  25 rushes, 163 yards, 2 TD's, 2 receptions for 24 yards and the 50-yard wounded duck perfectly thrown ball to Jeb Blazevich.  About that throw:  You have to remember that the wind was blowing into the stadium from the bridge.  Old Glory was really whipping - from what I saw on TV - probably about a steady 25 MPH breeze.  Todd had to rush his throw slightly.

"Tackle THAT, Vanderbilt!!"

Just another SEC Runningback… - Hokie Dawg

6. Jeb Blazevich is becoming a weapon.  Three receptions, 86 yards.  He took a pop on that first catch in the first quarter.  He's now the starter as Jay Rome seems to be having trouble with his prior foot injury once again.  Perhaps, simply based on merit, too.

I believe this...

Blazevich is Artie Lynch with better hands.  -  Hogbody Spradlin

Jeb is going to be special.

7. I freaked out a little bit when I was keeping up with the Twitter feeds during the game regarding Malcolm Mitchell, who made his first appearance since the opening few minutes of last season's loss at Clemson.  For a time, he wasn't spotted at all on the sideline, and many feared the worst.  Welcome back.  He says he feels good.  Can we utilize his awesome talent?

7a.  ...I found it odd that Justin Scott-Wesley did not get a single snap.  Interesting.  It would seem like this would be the perfect game to get him at least a look.  Dawg Dog House?

8. The offensive line struggled at times, I thought...until later in the game.  However, Greg Pyke continues to impress me.  This is one big, fast, athletic kid.

9. Isaiah McKenzie got away with running backwards a lot down in Plantation, Florida when he was playing for American Heritage High.  You can't do that too much in the SEC.  Having said this, I don't worry too much about how he returns kicks.  He's still learning at this level.  His learning curve shouldn't be too steep.  LSU had the "Honey Badger."  We've got the "Honey Hamster."  I'll show myself out now...

10Nick Chubb is a Grown Man.  He is much, much faster than people realize.  He's got a burst through the hole, but his vision is outstanding.  Go back and look at his late touchdown, or any previous run on that particular drive.

11. Nice pick-6 by Devin Bowman wearing #19 in honor of Rico Johnson.  Our secondary is still a work in progress.  Actually, it's a hard-hat area.

11a. Brendan Langley is back at corner and I hope leave him there.  Quit jerking this kid around.  He struggled last year in Grantham's 750-moving parts defense, but this kid is talented.  He wore #33 yesterday.  I wonder if he gets his old #4 "defense" jersey back?

12. Jordan Jenkins is having a solid year.  I like what I am seeing from Toby Johnson, too.  The big tackle is really coming on.

13. Linebackers covering any type of receiver scares me more than clowns.  Or News Directors.

14. Did you see Jeremy Pruitt go off on Aaron Davis late in the game?  Vandy attempted a pass on the near side that was fairly well defended and Aaron Davis was closing in on the play on the near side.  From what I witnessed, he didn't have ball awareness as the pigskin was deflected and, for a moment, just floating - there for the taking.  Pruitt screamed "Catch the @*($#$%#*!! ball!

A teaching moment.

15. Vanderbilt is a bad team.  They gave very good effort, but were outclassed.  Again, we tend to play down to the level of our competition and Mark Richt wasn't exactly pleased with the overall effort.  I said I was going to enjoy this one, and I did.  But the next 2 weeks are going to dictate many things.  We simply must play better.  Maybe going on the road is a good thing?


  • South Carolina.  Just Run The Damn Ball.  Or not.

SCAR - may you never win anything ever for making UGA the focus of your entire season. - chuckdawg

Truth, Chuck.  Truth.

  • The injury to Alabama's Kenyan Drake was awful.  It was Tyrone Prothro type awful.  I hope the kid can recover and return in due time.
  • Auburn has a very good offense.  LSU is very average.  Next week, Auburn travels to Starkville.  That's in Mississippi.  College Gameday will probably be there. 
  • Nick Saban blew a 4th quarter lead? 
  • I gotta hand this to Cherokee's Grip.  It was inspired.  It would've been perfect, but Tennessee!

  • I guess Tennessee will NEVER beat Florida.
  • Is the Jeff Driskel era over?  Did it ever begin?  Go Gatuh!
  • As mentioned in the opening, 32% of the Top 25 went down.  What was your favorite?

What did I miss?  Agree...disagree?  It's all good...