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2015 Goat Roast Post

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Join us for the continuation of the Gurley4Heisman campaign

He's gonna have a rough day Saturday
He's gonna have a rough day Saturday
Dawg Sports Member

It is finally time for the Fifth Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast.  In case you are unfamiliar with this little tradition of ours, here's how it works.

Every year we choose one away game to gather at The Blind Pig Tavern in Athens (on Baldwin Street.)  About 30 minutes before kick-off we'll arrive and take over a room.  There is always a red velvet cake that looks distinctly like a goat.  Just before kick off, the goat is ceremonially "sacrificed" to the football gods.

This particular part of the tradition comes to us from a comment chuckdawg made a few years back.  We had already had more than our share of off-season issues when the head of our Athletic Dept did something really stupid and got caught.  In hearing the news of the moment, chuckdawg exclaimed, "Someone sacrifice a goat at the arch or something!" and the tradition was born.*

The mood is usually pretty jovial and family friendly - feel free to bring your spouses & kids.  The Blind Pig serves good BBQ and Bourbon (or spirit of your choice.)  There's plenty of cake & goodies to go around.

Kyle will likely be pacing and possibly going old testament and smearing goat cake on the thresholds (yes, they seriously let us do that last year.)  Vineyarddawg will be there to help you get your Florida hate on. I'll be there along with Mr. Podunkdawg and a baked good or two.

This is a bit more than just a grand social gathering of the Dawg Sports community.  We also take the opportunity to do a little good.  MaconDawg will soon be telling us how we can help out the Northeast Georgia Foodbank this year.

All in all, there's good food, good friends, good fun and football too!  It's your opportunity to meet the Dawg Sports folks live and in person and of course watch the next installment of:  the Gurley4Heisman 2015 Campaign.  Also, Herschel Walker is officially invited via Twitter, so there is a chance he will join us.

Hope to see all of you out there.  Until then....


*No actual goats have ever been sacrificed at the Goat Roast