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Georgia/Vandy Second Half Open Comment Thread.

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia holds a solid lead headed into the second half of these one and so far we've seen things. Things magical to behold:

  • We've seen Todd Gurley pass Lars Tate for third overall on the Bulldog all-time rushing list, going over 3000 yards for his career. He's only 2202 yards away from Herschel Walker's Bulldog record. One imagines that if he stayed healthy and came back for his senior season, Todd Gurley would likely leave Athens as the leading rusher in Georgia history. It won't happen, but it could.
  • We've seen Hutson Mason throw the first Georgia pass of the season of over 40 yards, a 44 yard touchdown strike to Chris Conley.
  • We've seen Malcolm Mitchell make his first catch of the season in his first action in over 13 months.
  • We've seen Georgia line 4 different players up at quarterback: Hutson Mason, Brice Ramsey, Faton Bauta, and Todd Gurley, who threw Georgia's only pass of 50 yards or more on the season, a pretty decent left handed ball to Jeb Blazevich. Speaking of which . . .
  • We saw Jeb Blazevich continue to start ahead of Jay Rome and has 3 receptions for 89 yards so far.
  • We saw no tailback other than Todd Gurley run the ball (Nick Chubb does have 1 reception for 4 yards). Unless things go all sorts of sideways in the third quarter, don't expect to see much more of him.

Now we'll see if Georgia keeps the hammer down in the second half and finishes this one out strong. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!