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Georgia/Vanderbilt First Half Open Comment Thread.

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Target acquired.
Target acquired.
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

There really is little reason to believe that the Vanderbilt Commodores will prevail in this afternoon's game. There's relatively little reason to believe that they will make it close. Vegas doesn't give out 33 point spreads for fun.

So I'm going to set aside my deeply- engrained Munsonian tendencies for a moment and assume that Georgia fans don't have a whole lot to worry about on the scoreboard. If that's the case, what should we worry about on the field?

For one, whether getting Mitchell and Scott-Wesley back really helps Hutson Mason finally get out of his own way. For another, whether we'll see Brice Ramsey, and if we do and the returns are positive, what does that mean going forward? Third, can we put this one away before Todd Gurley takes too many licks? Something tells me he's going to be desperately needed over the next two weeks. Can the secondary finally play a complete game, albeit against a freshman backup QB? Can the special teams remain special, including the kickoff team, which faces in Darrius Sims probably the most dangerous return man they've seen?

In short, we have plenty of questions. What we need are some answers. Until later....

Go 'Dawgs!!!