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Early Games Open Comment Thread.

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One . . .singular sensation . . .
One . . .singular sensation . . .
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It's time for college football once again, and the early slate of games is pretty solid. The biggest game is a noon SEC matchup between Texas A&M and Mississippi State (ESPN). This one will go a long way toward telling us is Missy State is for real following their upset of LSU, and whether Arkansas exposed the Aggies' weaknesses or if last week's overtime close call was a mere blip on the radar. The Tennessee Volunteers will host the Florida Gators in a game that Will Muschamp really, really needs to win, or at least not lose resoundingly (SEC Network, noon).

Everybody have a great afternoon. We'll convene around 3:30 for the First Half Open Comment Thread for the most important game of the day, the one between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Go 'Dawgs!!!