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NCAA Announcement: Gurley Sits

You expected it, I expected it, the whole Bulldog Nation Expected it. I still think it's ridiculous

And all the Bulldog Nation Said:  Let My Gurley GO!!!!!!!!!!!
And all the Bulldog Nation Said: Let My Gurley GO!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Cunningham

Given the language used in the NCAA's announcement of Gurley's additional two game suspension yesterday morning, I doubt anyone reasonably expected the appeals committee would reduce the 4 game suspension.  UGA was advised of the 4 game punishment Tuesday afternoon and prepared their appeal while the rest of the college football landscape eagerly awaited the first playoff selection committee announcement.

Personally, I think the extra 2 games is the NCAA's way of proving they aren't biased in favor of the SEC after the selection committee playoff selection announcement included three SEC West teams in it's top four this week.  The wailing and cries of SEC bias could only be silenced by the sacrifice of a lamb on the alter of our Overlords in Indy and Todd Gurley is the chosen lamb.

Perhaps more rational minds will have something more substantial to say.  None of the thoughts in my head are fit for polite company.

Now that it's official, Dear Overlords, I dedicate this song to you:

Pick your poison folks, Pray, Meditate, or Drink 'em if you've got 'em.  May the righteous anger of the Bulldog Nation rise up and soundly thump our foes forever...

Go Dawgs!!!!