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National Game of Disinterest (Week 10)

As a general rule, college football is better than anything that is not college football. But not all college football is created equal.

This basketball player's headshot the first search result for "Pitt," which further proves my point.
This basketball player's headshot the first search result for "Pitt," which further proves my point.
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we have picked the SEC Game of Interest and the National Game of Interest against the spread, it's time to identify this week's National Game of Disinterest. This is the game that even unashamed college football junkies like ourselves won't deign to watch, much less take the time to analyze in order to pick a winner. This week that game is No. 24 Duke at Pittsburgh.

Did you know that Duke currently boasts a 6-1 record, including a victory over a team that was ranked at the time, and sits atop the ACC Coastal Division standings?

Of course you didn't.

That's because not even Blue Devils care about Blue Devil football. It's a basketball school through and through.  The excellent SBNation, which is kind enough to host our blog, has a blog devoted to numerous collegiate sports programs. For example, even Texas-El Paso has its own Miner sports blog. So, of course, Duke fans have their own blog. Do you know what it's called? Duke Basketball Report. I scrolled down the page and, perhaps unsurprisingly, didn't see a single story about how well their football team is doing. And it's not even basketball season yet!

Pitt's season hasn't gone nearly as well, but at least they talk about football. Sort of.  Three of the top five stories on their team's sports blog (Cardiac Hill) are technically football related, but two of them are about the script logo on the team's helmets (no, really) and one is the conference power poll that I think is contractually mandated feature of sports blogs. (See also Cheetos and mothers' basements.)

Speaking of conferences, not only is it kind of ridiculous that this is actually an intra-divisional conference game -- please tell me what people in Raleigh-Durham and Pittsburgh have in common... other than a love of basketball, apparently -- but this division in particular is pretty absurd. It has already eaten itself, i.e. there are transitive victory arguments proving that each team is simultaneously better and worse than each other team. It's also, y'know, in the ACC, which is a conference so soft that even Tech won its championship a few years back. Oh, wait, the NCAA says they didn't, so I guess I just won't believe my lying eyes. (Ugh, now those guys won't even let me enjoy my jacketfreude; is there anything the NCAA can't ruin?)

Since neither team's fan base seems to care about this game, and the conference is largely irrelevant other than for padding FSU's win totals, I think we can safely declare this our National Game of Disinterest. Thoughts?

Go Dawgs! Beat Florida! Free Gurley!