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Evening Gurley Aftermath: News, Reaction, Rage.

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Sam Greenwood

We've now had a solid day to absorb the news that Todd Gurley will be suspended for both this weekend's Florida game and the upcoming Kentucky game in Lexington. Reaction around the web has been, well, angry, which is probably as it should be. In this instance as the old expression goes, if you're not mad as hell you're just not paying attention.

But setting aside the initial visceral reaction, there are some pretty good, reasoned responses to be found.

Georgia Bulldogs' Todd Gurley's suspension should lead to reform - ESPN
Chris Low encapsulates things nicely over at ESPN: the NCAA's policy is stupid, Todd Gurley knew it was stupid when he broke the rule, and the rule should be changed. But for me the money quote is this one: This is a battle the NCAA is going to lose. The August ruling in the Ed O'Bannon federal court case was just the start. If this were a football game, there would be about a minute to play and the NCAA's opponent would be lining up in the victory formation." I agree. The NCAA is on the wrong side of history on this issue, but that does Todd Gurley and the Georgia Bulldogs no good now.

This team has gained a lot of confidence over the past couple of weeks. It should come as no surprise that while we've all been on Gurley-watch, they've been (and will likely continue to be) focused on their own jobs.

Perhaps the least surprising status upgrade in recent memory is as official as it's probably going to get. My guess is that you might see Keith Marshall in on a couple of snaps if we have any injury issues. But I also wouldn't expect to see him carrying the ball.

The NCAA seems to think Todd Gurley is a criminal -
SB Nation's Kevin Trahan points out the moral inconsistency inherent in the NCAA's inclusion of a community service component to Todd Gurley's punishment. The NCAA argued (albeit disingenuously) that student athletes really aren't giving up anything of monetary value by playing college sports. Yet apparently Todd Gurley's time has some monetary value when he's visiting a children's hospital, where they only care about him visiting because he's Todd Gurley the football player.

'Tis truly a fool who looks for logic in the halls of NCAA HQ. As to the reason Gurley's punishment includes community service, I suspect it's because Gurley was unable to repay the entire $3000 the NCAA says he received, and that the community service is a "gap filler" to make up the portion he can't repay. Because he's a poor college student who's not able to profit from being a football player or do anything else to earn money. . .because he's a college football player. Yeah. You read that right.

I had to throw this one in just because.

Leave it to the Mayor to put a nice bow on things.

And some folks just felt the need to speak truth to power, and the internet at large.


Uh huh.


We'll be back tomorrow. Until then,

Screw you NCAA!!!